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  1. indnangel

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    I have a appointment with my first rhuemy.I wanted to try a stimulant for my cfs(Ihave fms too)Like provagil or ritilin.I was wondering how to bring it up or what to say to him..Any advice><Please help
    Thanks indnangel
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    I have thought about the same thing. My Dr. brought it up to me one time. The problem , I think is, they are pretty darned addictive. Isn't that the last thing we need? Have you thought about pot. I just starting using it a litle. I haven't in 30 years. But like today I was sooooo tired and my whole body hurt. So I just took one small hit and I felt much better.
  3. indnangel

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    I have a lung disease so I cant do that.
    Thanks for the advice.
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    I know fibro and CFS sufferers that have been helped with these. Biggest gain is they help you get ahold of your life and do the things needed to fight your illness. Don't be afraid to see a shrink, mine is great. If find one and you don't like their attitude find another, don't waste your time. I was also tested by a neuropsycologist to rule out other problems. There's a lot of people giving out info on these meds (Dr Breggin is one) that has been refuted by most experts in the field. There's a lot of money to be made in controversy.
    I take 10mg of ritalin (and buspar for anxiety), twice a day. It's been wonderful for me. I get the generic and have stayed away from the longer lasting stimulants because I can control my dosage this way. If I have a meeting in the evening I take my 2nd ritalin a little later in the afternoon. It's not addictive, in fact I've stopped drinking after 30+ years. I simply lost the urge. I'm getting a lot of things accomplished I couldn't do before, brain fog is almost a thing of the past though since I'm ADD there will always be some. Family is amazed. Do your research on these meds though, you have to understand them in order to help your doctor with dosages and what kind to take and to understand what is happening if you have ant problems. Look at some of the sites on ADHD. Be careful with allergy or cold meds, they can really screw these meds up. Good luck, I know I wish I had known about these 30 years ago.

  5. Mikie

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    Dr. Cheney's articles on Klonopin and on Stimulants like SSRI's and Ritalin. This is just one doc's opinion, but they are two of the best articles I have seen. Do a search on Dr. Cheney's name in our library here and it will list his articles. Dr. Cheney has been treating, researching, and advocating for CFIDS since he was in practice in Incline Village, NV during the cluster outbreak in the mid-80's. I believe what he describes in his articles applies to FMS as well as CFIDS.

    I recently tried the Provigil and had a paradoxical reaction to it; it made me more fatigued and worsened my cognitive problems. There are some here who do well on it. the only reason I considered it is because it works in a much smaller area of the brain than traditional stimulants. Also, it's been in use in Europe for a lot longer than here and it seems to be as safe as anything else.

    Love, Mikie