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    In a couple of weeks I am going to Italy for 2 weeks. It is an organized group tour traveling by bus throughtout the country stopping at several towns to sightsee.

    I have never even been over there and am a little freaked out now since the past couple of months have been all about the fatigue and weakness and aches, and missing lots of work.

    I feel weird to go on a trip after being out of work, (intermittent FMLA time) but still out a lot. I know if I don't go I will always regret it though. When I heard about the trip I didn't immediately have the thought of "what if I get sick", like I had been having so often at the time when making any plans.

    Does anyone have any advice about how I could make the traveling easier on myself, the best way to combat the jetlag, I don't know, anything.

    I'm such an inexperienced traveler, and I'm going with my mom - who's ben great with my illness - but now I'm worried that I'm in a little over my head.

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    The best rule is to go prepared. Get an ergonomically designed pillow to help with long periods of sitting. When flying make sure to keep hydrated and get up every 1/2 hour to keep your circulation flowing. I hate the long flights overseas. I get cramps, back aches, head aches, the whole bit. I will carry my muscle relaxers and get my doc to give me Adavan to combat my pain and the jitters during long flights.
    I will also bring a brief medical history with me just in case I fall ill and can not communicate with the local health care professionals. I fell ill in Portugal a few years back. I was scared at being so far from home and not being able to communicate well. The Portugese docs were wonderful though. I was treated well and they rxed meds for my pain without a fuss. I was pleasently surprised with the quality of care.
    One hint on Italy. Northern Italy is so much like Northern European countries. They are progressive and very similar to the US standards of care. The farther south in Italy you go the more the country likens to Turkey and Greece. There is not as much industry and hospitals are not as advanced as in the north. Keep this in mind while traveling. If you need anything medically specific try to get your needs met in the north. This is not to say that the south is less educated, just more relaxed in care giving and hospitals are fewer and farther between.
    Please check with AAA Travel agencys and get the straight scoop on where you are going. Also the Gov travel info sites. Look for crime trends and safty ratings for where you plan to go. My in-laws are traveling to Greece and Turkey in 3 weeks. After looking into the areas I discovered some bad trends. I had no idea that there is a high kidnapping risk in Southern Greece and Turkey. It was a shock but there it was in the info I got from AAA, verifyed by the US gov. Go figure?
    So go prepared for the worst and expect the best! I love Italy! The people are gracious and the food and wine are to die for! Make sure to get some fresh sardiens while there, nothing like the canned fish we get here. Look for Guerrefara wine (Portuguese) When you know a bit about local wines and food you will get treated like a Queen. Most restaurants cellar their own wines so when in a restaurant ask if they have any recomendations Not on the wine list. I made some great discoverys this way!
    I agree, you will hate yourself if you do not go. You are in for a wonderful vacation.
    Can I come????
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    It's appreciated. I saw your bio - with small children no wonder you want a break :) I'm actually feeling a lot better about the trip now - been feeling more healthy the past couple of days so my outlook on things are better. I'll just have to have fun for everyone. Thanks again. Take care.

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    but I did go on vacation and did way to much walking up a steep hill. I had to finish the day and night in a wheelchair. Only had to use a wheelchair 3 times in 10 years. That was one of those times.
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    Italy is so very beautiful. I completely fell in love with it when I was there several years ago. Going on a tour will make the travel much less stressful, as they will have planned for you the best places to see and you can just enjoy the ride. Just plan on taking your time and relaxing while you are there. I believe you will find it so interesting, with all the history and just the amazing beauty of it, that you will have more energy than you think.

    To reduce jet lag, they recommend, avoid caffeine, avoid alcohol, avoid foods that are high in fat, eat light, and once again, drink plenty of water; long airplane trips are very dehydrating. They also say to try to adapt to the new time zone as quickly as you can, by getting up at a reasonable hour in the morning Italy time and not staying up late. Being on a tour, you will probably have to do this anyway.

    Take comfortable shoes and clothes! A good pair of light weight walking shoes is a must. The last thing you want are tired or sore feet or binding clothes. I would also recommend trying to pack as lightly as possible - less to keep lugging around place to place with you and if you decide to buy something there, you will have room for it in your luggage. Also something like a belly pack or small back pack is useful -- better than a purse, because you can bring the things you need with you, like money, camera, etc., but your hands are free and items secure.

    Have a great time - I know you will and take lots of photos!

    Hugs, Maggy