NEED ADVICE appt. to pain clinic

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peachbunnee, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. peachbunnee

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    I have an appt. on MOnday morning at a Pain Clinic.

    It's like a 3 hour appt. - I've been told I meet with a pain psychologist and an MD.

    Does anybody have any advice, words of wisdom or tips for me before I go to this appt.?

    Any feedback would be appreicated!

    Thank you!

  2. rachel432

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    i have never been to a pain clinic but i have a question for you. how did you decide that it was time for you to go see a pain specialist? was it your idea or your dr's? i'm curious because i have been wondering as i am once again having quite a lot of pain in my shoulders and i'm beginning to think that even though my dr is absolutly wonderful i think he is running out of ideas. so iwas wondering if it was time to go see a pain specialist, but i'm not sure. any help you can give me would be appreciated.
  3. Cinlou

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    I just wanted to wish you luck with your Pain Clinic experience so far has been ok with my PM doc...I have DDD, FM and I have been treated with muscle relaxers, Elavil and Trazadone for the FM, Trigger injections for the MPS, Cervical and Lumbar epidurals for the DDD...also he sent me to PT and a Psycholigist...

    I am alergic to most I have not gone that route...

    My PM doc told me that all Pain Management docs will do things a little differently....I think he means that some go more for the injections or some go right to the pain meds...If you do a search on this board you will find all kinds of posts on Pain Management.

    I felt like I was being scrutinized on my first appt...I had the PM doc and two of his assistants in there with was a little scarey... I realize now they were all getting a look at me to see if I was maybe just a drug seeker...

    Good luck on Monday, I hope you have a great experience, and can find help from them..

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  4. DorothyVivian

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    has been very helpful. I've been a rather stoical person and hadn't complained much about the discomfort and pain until last spring when it all became way too extreme for me to ignore any longer. I finally realized I had few pain-free days at all any more and actually hadn't had pain-free days for years. Like most people with fibromyalgia and cfids, I'd unconsciously learned many ways to distract myself from the discomfort and pain until it had finally become undeniable and unendurable. (I wish I had not allowed the pain to have gone on as long as it did. In my opinion, there's no particular merit in suffering--I don't believe in 'heroic martyrdom'...<smile>!)When my primary physician really 'got it' that I was in quite severe pain most of the time, he lost no time in referring me to the pain clinic and I promptly got an appt. with them.

    The main pain doc ordered an MRI of my lower back and from that exam, she learned I had two vertebrae that are damaged. (At this point, surgery would probably not be more than a temporary stop-gap in the progress of spinal deterioration.) However, I am now assured I will be given appropriate pain treatment as time goes on. Presently, I take two medications for pain: generic 'Ultracet', which is Tramadol combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol)for the back pain and pregabalin, or 'Lyrica' for the muscle pain--post-herpetic pain. I take both of these every 6 hrs.--24/7. On a pain scale from one to ten--ten being worst--I used to deal with levels of pain from five to eight; now, most of the time it is about a three to a six...not pain-free, but this feels a whole lot better!! And sometimes, I have a period of time the pain level is a two to a four. (This is usually when I'm well-rested.)

    Peach,I'm glad to hear you aren't trying to 'tough it out' as long as I did! I hope you keep trying whatever is recommended until you get substantial relief. I wish you the best and hope you receive the best of care!
    With love, Dorothy

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  5. gidgetsmom

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    I hope you will like the pain clinic. Don't know which one you're going to, but mine is where I found the most relief.

    My first appointment lasted about 3 hours too. The nurse went over ALL my paperwork (10 pages)making notes the whole time.

    The doctor came in and went over them again. His physical exam was painful, but he found out what really hurt!! He went over what meds I was on (ultram, flexeril, and amitriptyline). He changed the ultram for lortab, and raised the amitriptyline dose.

    The cervical facet joint blocks and trigger point injections he recommended haven't done anything to help my pain, so we won't be doing those anymore. I had to sign a "narcotics contract" and see the psychologist also.

    We went over diet, exercise, everything. They were very professional, but I sensed that they sincerely wanted to help me on any level.

    I hope you have the same good experience!!! Plese let me know how it goes!!


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