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    I am seriously contemplating having my remaining teeth extracted, and to be fitted with dentures.
    I have severe gum disease, and only have 6 teeth remaining in lower jaw, ten remain in upper (all in very poor quality). I have been through scaling and planing about 4 years ago, but as a last ditch effort, the receding of the gums and pockets were really too advanced, but I desparately wanted to save my teeth, and got partials.

    At this point now, with these DD's I have constant pain, and infection in the gums that abscess. I am a bit hesitant though, as I have read so many say they have terrible flares after surgical procedures, and I am wondering if this would include extractions. Any one with CFS/Fibro who has had this done, would you give me your opinions and outcomes, good and bad. I feel as if getting rid of this unhealthy environment would be a benefit to my health, but am also leary of the flare that might ensue.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Dara

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    I agree that the extractions could cause or bring on a flare but then again the infectins or abcesses probably could to, plus they are really dangerous to have. I have had many extractions, root canals and such. I do know that the pain after the surgery and the sensitivity will probably last longer than if you didn't have FMS. Does your dentist know anything about FM and understand that what would take a normal person to heal might take you two or three times longer? I have areas in my mouth where I had extractions over a year ago and I still feel a "pressure" feeling, the kind you feel when you have an abcess. All in all, I would think getting rid of the abcesses and infections would be better for you. Are they planning on extracting all of them at once?

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    I have FM & Graves. Graves creates an enzyme that causes bone loose in the jaw. The FM causes all the darn infections, one after another. I have also spent the last few years enduring the deep cleanings, etc to hang onto my natural teeth. Due to infections I lost 4 teeth last year. Due to the extensive cleanings, infections, bone loss, I no longer have any pain tolerance left in my mouth. Down to zero here. Can't even handle getting teeth cleaned under topical numbing & gas! So I am throwing in the towel. Spoke with the oral surgeon last night. I will have my surgery in 2 weeks. I will have the last 10 top ones removed & 3 bottom molars, leaving me with 8 bottom teeth. Those 8 show no sign of bone loss yet. My dentist said it's a shame I'm loosing my teeth like this because I've done every thing to take proper care of them. They aren't bad, decayed, etc, just don't have any bone left to hold them in place anymore.

    If you choose to do this, get your impressions taken first.That way your dentures will hopefully fit better & look more like your natural teeth. I had mine done a few weeks ago & have already seem my top dentures :). I am getting immediate duntures on the upper, but will have to wait for at least 6 months to get the lower partial.

    I took print outs, I found on the net for us to print out & give to dentists, surgeons, etc, to my apt last night & handed them over. I then stressed the importance of pain meds, IV complete knock out, etc. I explained the problem with flare ups, longer pain, etc. The articles are very informing too. I was given an rx for pain meds to fill pre surgery.

    I would suggest you seek out an oral surgeon to have the extractions done. Locate the website with "Devin Starlanyl" name(can't post URL's here) & print out the articles. Just type the name in your search engine & you'll come up with the site. Set up a consult with the oral surgeon & give him the articles. Insist on pain meds pre surgery. Note any allergies you may have too. As many meds/anthesia are egg based. I'm now allergic to eggs & this makes a big difference in what they can use/rx for you.

    I had some extended pain & swelling in my mouth with the 4 extractions last year, but no flare ups. Also healing was a tad delayed.

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    Thanks for your replies! Yes, I do have a lot of bone loss, too---unfortunately the remaining teeth I have aren't worth saving, though. Thanks so much for the info tke! Very good suggestions, and a great source from site to inform the doctor preforming the extractions!
    I can't help but think if I can make it through the procedure, and healing, that this will be another step in improving my general health.
    Thank you so much for taking an incredible amount of time to thoroughly answer my questions, I really appreciate it!LL
  5. Cactuslil

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    To #1 who posted....when you have no teeth it is called edentuous. Look up edentuous ridge on the web and you will see what the hey-ho is particularly with the lower ridge. The upper isn't as serious as suction is used to hold the denture in place..

    The mandible is another story. If you have felt how flattened out your teeth missing in the back of your dentures are, that is probably how your anterior ridge is ultimately going to feel. I've only had my teeth out 2 weeks and where the front two were missing and replaced by the bridge, that section has already sunk to the level of the flat part behind the prior denture!

    When you get your surround (x-ray) your oral surgeon will them tell you your options regarding titanium pins w/overdenture, which is what I wanted BUT I am 53, have diabetes and have taken various doses of Pred for a good while. I am not a good candidate at this time. I requested "soft dentures" for the lower as I have heard terror stories of sores, ulcers et al. regarding the pain of learning to wear lowers. With lowers there is no suction;you MUST use adhesive and use your musculature to hold the lower in place.

    Once bone ie. the tooth is extracted, reabsorption begins. The body actually will eat all that bone. That spectre is most frightening. I have dry mouth/eye et al. connected to a disease called Sjordgens. I am now taking artificial saliva. I have had that for years..kicked me right out of any thoughts of contacts!

    Recovery? Since I knew a little of what to expect having had my uppers removed and a lower bridge about 5 years ago, helped...however I fear the lowers as I am at a most depressing point psychologically. It isn't all hearts and roses and I like most fibromites cannot be localized but fortunately the oral surgeon, by IV Sedation, was successful in removing the remaining teeth and used some of the good bone to try to build the anterior ridge sufficient to have dentures sit on.

    More little surprises? I hope not! Love CactusLil'
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    Hi recently I had a tooth extracted (over a month ago now) and I am still having trouble eating some foods. Just because I have FMS does that mean I will suffer this awful pain with my teeth as well. Is a common thing to have gum infections with FMS? I have only been diagnosed with FMS about 2 years ago and have just strted having trouble with my teeth.
    Can anyone help me?