Need advice for my psych appt tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deb_46, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    Quick update, I got my denial letter from my ALJ hearing a little over three weeks ago, devastating. I have CFS and a herniated disc in my back.

    I was praying for the disability to come through as I'm in a very emotionally abusive marriage and need out and that was going to be my way. I could tell I was not coping and made a psych appt. for tomorrow, soonest I could get in. Well, I didn't make it until then. Husband announced last Friday that he is not going to support me again, which he did last year for six months making me live off of some money I had stashed as he kept every dime of every paycheck for that time period. I snapped, took several xanax and left the house. Next thing I know I'm in a psych mental health facility on a 72 hr hold. I was out of touch with my kids for about 10 hrs which terrified them which I hate. There is evidence that during that time I had rented a motel about 25 miles away, no memory of that, I rear ended someone, luckily didn't hurt their vehicle, I'll need a new front bumper, vague memory of that. God was with me on that one or I would have ended up in jail for driving impaired, stupid stupid stupid, I know.

    I remember them asking me on admission if I was suicidal, I said yes. Do you think that little trip will help any on my appeal for my SSD???

    Anyway, about the psych appt. I don't even know how to approach him or what I'm wanting out of the appt. I never had depression before getting sick or having marriage problems, mine is situational. I don't want on meds but will take the script if it will help towards SSD. Do I just come right out and tell him I'm needing a psych evaluation to help with my SSD fight or will that irritate him???? I'm lost on this and don't know how to proceed. Any and all help needed here. Thanks

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  2. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I would simply tell the truth, the same story you have told here. However, instead of saying you want to go on disability to leave your marriage, word it in such a way to let the psychiatrist know you need to leave the marriage and you need help doing that.

    I will be thinking of you.

    Good luck.

  3. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I'll do my best and thanks for thinking of me, I need it. This DD had already taken the majority of my life away and now my husband has taken what little was left.

  4. landra

    landra New Member

    Tell him about your husband saying he would no longer support you, and taking 2 Xanex and blacking out. Tell him about your abusive marriage, the stress on the kids, etc.

    DO NOT say "I need this evaluation for my application for disability."

    Let him know that you have applied for disability and been denied. Let him take it from there.

    Re: situational vs. recurrent depression. If you have been under situational stress for 6 mos. or so, medication may be needed to help your body remember how to keep your nervous system in balance. And if you have had 3 situational depressions, it suggests that your system needs some help on an on-going basis.

    Let us know how it goes.
  5. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    That's a huge help for someone to tell me definite things too say or not to say. I have such awful brain fog, clear thinking is almost impossible at times.

  6. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I know that when I went on disability depression was a key facter. For some reason they love it.

    Have you checked into any womens shelters to get help? You do notneed to stay in this marriage. I got out of an abusive marriage and it was the best thing I ever did.

    Also apply for medicaid to get you started.

    I agree on not flat out saying to shrink this for ssd. Hopeful from happened that you are overwhelmed and on the edge. Tell him that.
    Illness hubby everything.

    Be kind to yourself
    stay safe
  7. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I've had such a time making my job and now SSD believe my physical illnesses I think I overlooked my mental issues along the way. Although, when I was trying for my LTD back in 2004 I was sent to a psych by my job and he said I couldn't work but the md they sent me to said I could. I sat at both appts crying uncontrollably. At that time, I really thought I was dying I was so sick, I had lost so much weight I looked like death, at the end of the md appt. he leaned over and quietly said that I needed to keep going to doctors to find out what was wrong as I could tell he was concerned but said I could work cause he was paid to say that.

    The psych SSD sent me to in 2006 said I had major depressive disorder and mood disorder with anxious features but the judge in his denial said my mental issues were "mild". ?????? I don't get it. If that was "mild" I hate to see what I'm labled now!

    Thanks again

  8. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Considering you landed in the hospital and this was a pretty serious crash I think and hope things go well for you.

    Do your best try to back burner that and look for help to get out of marriage.

    Try deep breaths and a few peaceful thoughts
  9. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    Looks like neither one of us is sleeping tonight. I know I've got to find a way out of this marriage, it's just so very frightening when you can't hold down a job.

    My two kids are grown and want me out of the marriage but I'm desperately trying to hang on for the SSD as I don't want them to have to help me out financially as they have their own expenses. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be in this situation. The last thirteen years I worked I made more than my husband, would never have dreamed of treating him as he is me.

    I'm fighting a cold and feel like crap, between that and worrying about my appt. sleep just wasn't happening.

  10. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hope everything went well with your appt.

    Take the help from your kids. The only way you can get better and foscus on what you need to do is to relieve some of the stress your under.

    Im sure your kids would rather help out then see you land in the hospital again or worse. Sometimes we have to take that hand out in order to servive.

    I'll be thinking of you. Tm my computer goes back to store,hopefully it won't be to long before I get a newq one.

    Deep breaths
  11. BxGirl

    BxGirl New Member

    Social Security doesn't care if you have a bad marriage. They only need you to prove that you can't work. I would not tell them that you want disability because of your marriage. That will not look good.

    I received benefits partly because of depression and anxiety. Yes, I would tell them you were suicidal and have it documented. Social Security might send you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You need to prove that the depression is so bad that you can't work. If you tell them it's because of your marriage, that won't look good for you.
  12. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    The appt. went alright I guess. I sat there a bawled through most of it. He wrote me a script for Effexor for the day and Remeron for night to help with sleeping. I've tried AD's in the past and couldn't take for various reasons. Filled the Remeron but my insurance was barking about the Effexor, something about the doc writing for timed release or something so haven't picked it up yet.

    Callled my attorney and he sent me a couple forms that he wants me to ask the doctor if he would fill out. I'm hoping he will be willing. He seemed pretty sympathetic and was surprised I had been denied for SSD. He said we should have went more on the mental. I told my attorney the frustrating thing is if I end up having to open a new case I lose all my backpay. He said there is a way to reopen my case without losing the backpay, not sure what he meant.

    I go back to the doc next week so I'll post he was open to filling out the forms for me. He wanted me to do some type of outpatient therapy that was four hrs long and I told him there was no way I could do anything for four hrs plus the place has flourescent lighting so there was no way possible I could do it. With my CFS I can only tolerate about 30 minutes under flourescent lighting any longer and I'm weak and develope shortness of breath.


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