Need advice for use of Tramadol and going to a Pain Specialist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skippy007, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. skippy007

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    Recently diagnosed with FM, cervical DDD, OA, and other stuff. Had car accident(rearender) Jan 2007 and pain in neck/shoulders and lower back have taken on a life of their own - much more pain than I was previously dealing with prior to accident and the pain meds aren't helping. I am now going to start tramadol and have been referred to a pain specialist - never had to deal with either of these before. I am open to any advice on either of these!! Thanks
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  2. lil_angel1198

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    but I am on Tramadol.
    I do like it, My doc prescribed them to me, 1 pill every 4 hrs. Back in September, my pelvis ended up being out of place and pinching a nerve. I went to the Chiro a few times and he thought he had it fixed, but I still couldn't walk without extreme pain, and had to use a cane.....this was into November.
    I finally went to my regular Doc, and he told me to take 2 Tramadol every 4 hours and take my muscle relaxers(Cyclobenzaprine) 3 times a day. I did it, and within about 3 days, I was able to walk with very little pain again. Now each time my hip starts to give me trouble, I take what he recommended.

    Tramadol really does work for pain.... if after trying it for a week or so, if it's not working well for you, talk to your doctor and let them know. I think it takes some adjusting to get the right dose for each person.

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