need advice from experienced--is being sent to see another psychi

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    Trying to figure out what I want to do now?

    Regarding my disability request: I received a letter telling me to seek psychiatric treatment for 6 months, then they will re-evaluate.

    From experience, does anyone know if this is just another stall that really means that my disability request is "on a slow trip to the garbage can"?

    My last evaluation, before I received this letter, was with a psychiatrist. I believe the other doctors were in favor of me getting "it"/

    I'm already on a cadillac drug regime treatment program and I'm skeptical about the possibility of being asked to switch to anything else.

    This is not social security. It is a request for disability retirement from a state teachers retirement system.

    Any thoughts?

    Much appreciated.


    Do I need an attorney?[This Message was Edited on 08/25/2005]
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    I filed for disability last year with an Attorney after being turned down the first time doing it myself. I am seeing a counselor and a phychi, and I believe it will help in the long run!!! The more info from doctors seems to me like it would help more. I don't know I should know something within the next 6 months. I am praying I get it, it has make it really hard on my husband and I since I can't work any more.

    Hope this helps!!
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