Need advice. GP made appt. for me w/pain clinic

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by claudiaw, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. claudiaw

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    and a new Rhuemy per our requset. My appt. w/rhuemy is 1st.Then 2wks. later appt. w/pain doc.

    I'm thinking I should go to pain clinic 1st. I heard this new rhumey doesn't like to use pain med's and the rhuemy's I've had so far, have been no help to me .( I explain in my post on Rhuemy's in Nashville).

    We saw on rate mds that this rhuemy was knowledgable so we requested to see him, now I'm hearing other thing's about him. My GP said most rhuemy's ( including the "expert" in Nashville) privately don't believe in FM/CFS/MPS! Great!

    Any thought's?

    Thanks in advance. i'm getting a migraine, so I may be "out" the rest of the afternoon. But I will read all post's.

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  2. claudiaw

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    for the afternoon crowd.:)
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    I had a hard time finding a rhuemy myself. Had to call several offices before I found one who would even see and treat patients with FM.

    My primary doc says it isn't necessarily that they don't "believe" in FM, but that FM patients are frustrating to treat -- meaning there's not much they can do to help, aside from the usual medications that don't really improve much.

    Of course the primary doc doesn't want to handle the FM issues himself either, so he may be just transferring his own feelings onto the rheumys!

    That said, I did find one who is very understanding and is doing what he can to help.

    Best wishes,
  5. dononagin

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    I wish my doc would have sent me to one - My rhumie only prescribes Cymbalta though I get pain killers from my ortho -

    Hopefully they will be able to help you.

    My GP didn't believe in Fibro when he sent me to the rhumie for a second opinion. My rhumie sent him a bunch of literature on it..

    Good luck Claudia and hope the headace gets better soon..

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    Hi Claudia,

    There is a great book that I got (I'm working my way through it) that was recommended on this board by Dr Devin Starlanyl--The Fibromyalgia Advocate. In the book, she states that we need to be our own managers of this illness.

    I have a GP who does not know alot about FMS but is open to learning. He recommended me to a reumy who is a specialist on FMS. The reumy wrote up a recomended plan for my gp and wants to see me again in 18 months.

    I went to a Pain management clinic and that is where i get my meds. I go to a (or went to a) Physical Therepist too. Today I had an apt with a neurologist to rule out any other illness.

    Before I went to any of these other docs, I made sure they are knowledable about FMS. All of my docs report back to my gp but, I am my medical manager.

    I have heard too many nightmares from everyone on this board about docs not willing or able to treat this illness properly, so I refuse to waste my time with someone who "doesn't believe in it".

    A Pain managment doc specializes in what you are feeling on a daily bases, and will take your pain seriously. Don't cause yourself any unnecesary frustration.

    Good luck and I hope your headache goes away quickly

    gentle hugs

  8. claudiaw

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    Thanks. I actually have that book.

    How do you find doctor's knowledgable about and willing to treat FM?

    I went to the so called "expert" here and it was awful.

    My GP doesn't know any good rhuemy's to recommend. He himself is familar w/FM, but due to my SS disability they require that I see a rhuemy.

    I have already looked at the list provided here for doc's in my area.

    Thanks in advance for any more suggestions.:)

    My headache is a bit better thank you.:)

    P.S. I am my owm health manager, that is why I have no rhuemy, my last one didn't like the fact that I asked a lot of question's and wanted him to do some reading and research. He said no.
  9. discoverygal

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    Hi Claudia,

    I have asked to talk to a medical assistant or nurse before I make an appointment. I ask them if they know that the doc has patients with FMS and how much they know about the illness. I tell them that I don't want to waste the docs time or my own that is why I am asking before I make an appt.

    Then when you have your appt. ask the doc right out what experience he has with FMS and how does he like to treat it.

    Good luck.


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