Need Advice in Richmond VA

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ivey, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Ivey

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    Mikie told me to post again here to see if anyone in my area knows of a good doctor familiar with CFS. If you do, please respond whenever you get the chance. Thanks, Ivey
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    There is a Dr. Plotnick in Va Beach.
    he is one of the TOP FM/CFS docs east of the Mississippi!

    I realize it's a heck of a drive.
    It may be worth it to you.

    He does not take the insurance that Navy offers. So I have not been treated by him. But he came to our support meeting last month and WOW he is awesome.
    Several of the people in my support group go to him regularly.

    He is up on ALL the latest findings.
    I would not be surprised if he comes to this board a lot.

    If you can't make it as far as VA Beach for a doctor. I am sure you could call his office for a recomendation in your area from him.
    He is just wonderful. All he wants is for people to get better.

    He mentioned during the meeting he did. that he knows some doctors enjoy "pain patients" because they get a LOT of money out of them.
    But that his goal is to treat the patient so that they don't NEED to go to the Dr. a lot.

    The way I see it, If you need to see the dr. for constant problems... he's not treating them properly.
    That's why drs. are for sick people... healthy people don't NEED the dr. ( except for routine check ups etc.)

    I hope you find a good dr. soon.
    Check your yellow pagers for "pain clinics".
    there are several good ones here in Hampton Roads area.
    But again, that's a heck of a drive.