need advice, my best supp no longer available in UK,does know an alternative ?

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  1. pinkquartz

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    or a close substitute.?
    I've been taking LIPOGEN by METAGENICS for a year and it made it possible for me to digest FATS in foods including cheese, yoghurts etc for the first time in over 20 years.
    Trouble is the European Market has decided to ban this and a lot of other supps. from our shops.
    it even includes stevia, we are not allowed it !!
    I was buying the Lipogen from my nutrionist but she can't get it any more, nor can the importers of the above supp.
    Does anyone on the board use this or similar and can you suggest something else that might help ?
    This is so importent to me, it changed my life for the better and just because a bunch of fascists [am i allowed to say that?] in europe have nothing better to do than stop people using natural ways instead of relying on their drugs!! we can't even buy kava kava anymore !
    i am cross, i don't usually post when i am cross.
    please help

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  2. tansy

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    Don't know anything about this supplement but do empathise with your anger over the non availablity of an effective therapeutic agent.

    We've all had to watch with nervous anticipation as the EU decides what we can or cannot take. If the NHS had safe and effective alternatives it would not matter so much.

    Without the large number of supplements and herbal remedies I now have to use to just halt decline, I would be in a real mess.

    Good luck; hope someone comes up with a source of lipogen for you.
  3. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    some one please ?
  4. gcalex

    gcalex New Member

    It appears to be available at, perhaps they would ship it to you?
  5. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i have sent an email to find out if they ship overseas. Not all companies will do so. I will let you know if i have any luck meanwhile all suggestions are appreciated.
  6. sofy

    sofy New Member

    That is the perfect example of "big brother overprotedting us". Dont have an answer for you but I would go to google and type it in and check every site that has it and then check the shipping charges. Since this is something you know works for you ordering in quanity for a saving in shipping would work. If all else fails write the mfg. and see if you can buy in quanity directly from them. Keep searching and I know you will find an answer. Please let us know if you manage to find your way around this roadblock. I am soooooooo sorry you have to be burdened with this nonsense. I hope you find a bit of empowerment in getting past the protectors. Happy hunting!!!!!!!!
  7. gcalex

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    If not, do you know anyone in the US, they could probably just purchase it for you and ship it to you themselves, if there is a will there is a way. By the way just for the heck of it I looked up Metagenics on the web and they have a direct phone number, 1-800-META-VIT
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