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    My mom is newly dx'ed w/ FM. She is on a pain med and antidepressent.
    Her hands and left leg are most painful, as well as having generalized pain.
    She was dx'ed by a family practice dr. What should be her next step. What has worked for you?
  2. mq

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    My mom is newly dx'ed w/ FM. She is on a pain med and antidepressent.
    Her hands and left leg are most painful, as well as having generalized pain.
    She was dx'ed by a family practice dr. What should be her next step. What has worked for you?
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    Hello Mq, sorry to hear your Mom has Fibro. I don't take meds, but I have a few suggestions that will help with the pain.

    First, get her a 'wireless mattress heating pad' you can get them at Sear's, Penny's and I think Wal-Mart's. They are wonderful for the night pain and morning stiffness. Its not hot like a heating pad, but a gentle heat that keeps your body warm, but not hot.

    I also take soaks in a tub with;
    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 large bottles of (regular) peroxide

    In a tub of water that is as warm as she can handle, for TWENTY MINUTES ONLY. It will make her feel weak when she get out of the tub, so she has to go to bed for at least a half hour afterwards.

    MOst people who have Fibro are deficient in Magnesium, I take; Pro Energy, (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), it is a big help with the pain and fatigue.

    I also take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B-6), for deep sleep and this also helps with the pain.

    Both the above supplements can be bought on this board, just go to the 'Store' link at the top right of this page, and you can read about the supplements, ask for a free catalog, also Pro Health offers a free newsletter; 'HEALTHwatch', lots of good articles in it for us, you can also call; 1-800-366-6056 for the catalog and newsletter.

    These are just a few of the things that have worked for me, others will be posting soon to share what helps them too.

    This is a hard illness, as we are all simply experimenting to find some confort at this time. No solid treatments, but a lot of us are finding a way to live with this, some of us take supplements, meds, and sometimes both.

    You might also want to go to the 'Home', 'Library' and 'Community' to read some of the articles that are available. You will have to help your Mom educate herself on what might and might not help her.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, we always help one another here.

    Good luck, and again welcome to the board!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi mq--What a considerate and thoughtful person you must be to seek additional help for your Mom. And, you've come to a Board filled with knowledgeable FM/CFS sufferers and a place packed with a wealth of information, tips, suggestions, identifying symptoms, thoughts, ideas, and support. I would encourage you to encourage your Mom to come and join our support group here on the net. It is a wonderful place to come and visit with people who understand how she's feeling. She doesn't have to get dressed, leave the house, fix her hair, and she can turn us on & off at her convenience.

    What meds is your Mother taking? All of us take different things, use different approaches to treating FM, and what works for one may not work for another. It's alot of trial & error till you find the combination that works for whatever particular needs you have.

    Some people here see rheumatologists, have primary physicians, go to neurologists, physiatrists, and/or pain specialists. Whatever type of health provider your Mother goes to, it is essential that they be knowledgeable about FM, and that is sometimes difficult to find. Before you begin to go through the maze of health providers, be sure and ask beforehand if they are knowledgeable about FM and have experience treating patients with FM.

    FM is not life threatening, but if you don't learn how to take care of yourself, it can become debilitating, painful, and miserable. It can also be a shock to discover you have an invisible illness that doesn't show up on medical tests, has a multitude of symptoms, and for which there is no cure for. Rest is essential, pacing yourself, not overdoing it, and learning how to live with limitations.

    The first thing your Mom and family need to do is educate yourself as much as possible about FM. There are many good books on the subject, but bare in mind that each author has their own philosophy about what causes FM and how to treat it. But all the books give you a basic overview of the possible symptoms, tender point areas, and suggestions on how live with it.

    It may be helpful to see a therapist or counselor for a while for support and help in accepting, adjusting, and accommodating this illness.

    But first of all, learn all you can about FM; get your Mom to come join us here on the Board--we can help answer any questions she may have and just by reading the posts she can gain alot of information. We are here to support one another, help each other, stay updated on the latest approaches to dealing with FM, and there is usually someone online day or night...or even in the wee hours of the morning when she can't sleep.

    Others will be along to welcome you and offer suggestions. Your Mother is a very fortunate woman to have someone as supportive, considerate, and thoughtful as you. Don't be worried. This is not a life threatening illness, but a disease that can be managed with proper care, education, and understanding. Best Wishes to you. Carol...
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    Hi mq---Shirl and Carol...gave wonderful advice, as usual, covering so many areas. The thing that has helped me the most is finding a doctor who specializes in FM/CFS. He treats a good number of patients so is very knowledgeable, and keeps abreast of latest research. His understanding of these syndromes having similar symptoms, yet the need for each patient to have individual treatment is very beneficial. Although I could not find anyone locally, and it's a 4 hr. drive--it is the most worthwhile thing I have done.
    Best wishes to you and your mother. Be patient with her on days that it's needed. Living in chronic pain, and all the other symptoms, sometimes makes us quite hard to live with, lol.
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    Thanks for the help and info. I've been here before, as I was dx'ed w/CFS a few months ago.
    I'm also the one to ask about labor/delivery and postpartum and CFS.
    Thanks again for all the help.