Need advice on 2 doctors appts coming up for disability

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bippy, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Bippy

    Bippy New Member

    Hi everyone. I need your great advice again. I have 2 doctor's appointments coming up.

    One is on June 20th for a mental status evaluation. (Dr. Mitchell Wax in Lakewood, OH)

    The other is on July 3rd for a physical exam. (Dr. Eulogio R. Sioson in Warrensville Hts., OH)

    Anybody have these types of appointments when they applied for disability?

    I applied for disability about 3 months ago and I got letters to go to both of these appointments.

    I don't have an attorney yet so don't know how to handle them.

    Please help with any advice.


  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Hi, bippy! Well, the long, often drawn out and futile process has begun! Take heart and let's see if we can help!

    1. If you have a dr. who knows your history, you can ask SS to let you have the exam/forms done there; same with mental exam. Your reason is just that: they know you, your history, and what has disabled you. A stranger will not begin to understand all that you have gone through trying to stay at work and being unable to.

    2. This site has an enormous amount of info about SSDI, SSI, and private disability ins. on it. You must do a thorough search and print stuff out.

    3. Begin keeping excellent records of all that happens regarding your application for disablity benefits, and know it may take up to 2 years to get an approval unless your dr.backs you up 100%.

    Start searching, then ask more questions if you have them, ok?

    Best of luck in your quest...
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    My advice is do not dress up, put make up on, or do your hair. Wear a ponytail if it is long. If you wear leg braces or anything like that, wear them.

    Pay attention to how you move and sit. ACT LIKE IT IS ONE OF YOUR WORST DAYS, You will be asked a bunch of stupid questions, like what is the diffence between a orange and a banana. What would you do if you were at a movie and the theater catches fire. They are testing your reasoning abilites. They will give you 3 numbers to remember, they will ask you later what they were.

    Just relax and be yourself, this is just a formality. I hope you have good Drs and good records and documention. I was turned down the first time, reapplied without an attorney and got it on the second try.

    I have a great psychotherapist and he agreed to write a 4 page letter and I know that was the key for me. He did it after I was turned down the first time.

    I hope this helps, it took me 8 months to get mine. Good luck-Carla

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