need advice on blood tests please...have awsome new doc

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a new doc and I just love her. She is very noligable about cfs and fibro and told me some stuff that I did not know as well as what herbs to take to help me live a more normal life. she also asked me if there were any blood tests that I would like her to do. I told her to do the basic cbc, and total chem which she did and all came back perfect. Now my question is, Is their any good test's that you could all give advice on that she should do as well.. I have to go back on the 27th and she said she would run as many as I would like her to. I told her I was comming on this board to get some advice and she said that she will do any I ask to put my mind at ease.. Thank you and God bless you all this wonderful Christmas season....Shannon
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    Lyme, Thyroid, Cortisol levels, MRI's to rule out MS and Chari Malformation things like that? There are many more and in the lib here ( I can't remember where they are but, lists of tests that should be done). Sleep study to check for the Alphia waves that come when there should only be Delta waves and for Apnea.

    One the home page there is also a doctors referal listing just click on it ( on the right side ) and then look for Docs referal list and click again. There are many sites under docs names once you click and you will find a wealth of info and research there and what tests, etc.

    Good luck and research, Kim and Gary
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    Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epstein-Barr Virus, Lyme disease? I am digging into my foggy brain, I know there's more...
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    Are you going to a naturpath for your blood tests? The blood tests which are very important to have when having CFS/FMS and mentioned in the other messages, can only be done by medical doctors to my knowledge. These are very important to rule out other illnesses.
    Good luck and Merry X-Mas, Lucky
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    Sunny - what is a hydrogen breath test and what condition does it look for? What would treatment be? This is a new one on me! Thanks.

    Shannon - whoever said Thyroid was right on. A COMPLETE thryoid panel is the single most important test I can think of. Make sure they do "Free T3" as a part of it. Don't let them tell you you only need a TSH level.
    Also an RA titer to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis, and if you are over 50, an ESR test to rule out Polymyalgia Rheumaticia. Unless you live in one of the few states where Naturopaths are licensed, only MD's or DO's can order these tests. On the other hand, Naturopaths would be able to test you for metals, arsenic, mycoplasmas, etc. if you so desire.

    It's fabulous that you found such an obliging doctor!