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    I am having a day where I am feeling VERY angry at my FM. I just can't understand, why me??? Yes, maybe I'm feeling sorry for myself. I'm trying to work 4 hrs a day, which is getting challenging. I'm having a hard time dealing with little stresses, which most other normal people would just let roll off their shoulders. I work in the afternoon, and I stress about going in all morning because I know I'm going to hurt. I work in the morning and I can hardly move because of the stiffness and pain. It's like there's no happy medium. I'm thinking I'm at the point of apply for SSI. Does anyone know anything about how that works in Wisconsin? Then, I feel like I'm giving into FM if I try to apply. I'm just so frusturated!!! I have cramps so bad in the bottoms of me feet and even my toes hurt! All of my joints hurt so bad that I spray myself down with Stopain (which by the way smells like crap) until my percoset kicks in. I'm on 200 mg per day of lycria. I take klopan 2 x a day, cymblta, and percoset for the pain. I just feel like buring my head in the sand! Uggggggg!!! HELP
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    first, i am so sorry you are hurting so badly.

    i know what you mean about feeling like you're giving in to FM.

    normally, i find ways to stay happy and positive, in spite of FM. (easier to do once my pain management routine has, as you say, kicked in! *smile*) but yesterday...ack! i was just having a horrible evening. snapped over the stupidest little thing that challenged my "control" of my life, and it seemed i went off the deep end. my *support network* (family) was on a mental vacation... and as i struggled vainly with my emotions, all i could think was "get to and you'll feel better!" i always feel better after coming here, even if i'm just reading and not posting.

    i'm proud of you for just keeping at the job, in spite of the pain and discomfort. it ISN'T easy. (5 x 6 hrs. drains me) congratulate yourself! and try not to stress.
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    I am sorry about the pain.........Your BIO looks like you are a very happy couple. You do a lot of camping, and outdoors person, that is nice.

    When I saw your picture with the woods in the background I thought of Lymes Disease. Have you looked into that?

    I know about the work issue, it is just a pain, I feel for you.
    Wish you well,
  4. Suzan

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    Just moved from Horicon to Louisville KY a year ago. At your age..I would have been mad at getting FMS too! I showed symptoms when I was 49...and now at 53...I still get aggravated at times with the fact that my body doesn't let me do everything I want to do. I had to stop working because FM was just too overwhelming for me to overcome. I think you should look into SSI..why not? we are sick..and there is no cure...and no one can tell us we are going to get any better.

    You line about giving in to FM was the one that made me type..I had that same thought this week , I chose to start taking oxycontin every day..after trying not to do that for the last year..but when every day is lousy...I just wanted to feel better...and day far so good..I am feeling better than I have in a long miracle..but at least not lousy!

    I understand your stuggle..and if not working would help you with the challenges you are dealing with, then to me it is worth looking into!
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    I hate you hurt so bad. You probably need to get your meds checked. Do you go to a Fibro specialist, pain specialist or reg Dr. I am 41 and I think I've had this stuff all my life, but it didn't get bad until I was 36 with the pain then the chronic fatigue came 2 years ago and I am doing pretty good now. A year ago I thought I was dieing. This disease is very frustrating. I know where your coming from and it's like you are a beginner with this at this point. I think its very important that you sleep good and get your pain meds changed if you are hurting like this and go for something for fatigue like adderall or whatever. I use adderall it helps me think and keeps me awake and not as fatigued. (Cymbalta did nothing) I take ultam and antiinflammatory for pain and percocet for bad bad pain or bad bad fatigue. What kind of Dr do you have? If its not a specialist you need to change, don't waste your time. A lot of Dr's will not give you the meds you need. I take alot and I am working full time and have not quit. I've been in the same job for 18 years and believe me this stuff has just about killed me. I hope you get better. I bet you will do better in another year. Thats how long it took me to do much better. Good Luck
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    are having such a high pain going on!
    I agree that you might want to look for a pain specialist, even one that deals with sports injuries or one that is certified with the American Pain Society. Whoever it is they need to understand what retractable pain IS and how some of us have it in severe form!!! Too many think we just react to pain too strongly and basically aren't biting the bullet hard enough.

    It has nothing to do with that as we all know. Pain is a disease all by itself, syndrome or whatever they choose to call it. It can kill..and in more ways than one. Just shock alone can kill from too much untreated or undertreated pain. More and more doctors ARE figuring it out but by far not enough!!

    Write to Phizer (can't spell it) but they have a website related to severe pain that might be helpful to you as far as what to tell your doctor. Yes, they do make pain medication but they also have people working for them who understand pain and list a bunch of people who suffer from it, like the mom from Raymond and others.

    It took me about three years to get to the right combination of meds, and it took a doctor willing to work with you, try things and go on to something else if that doesn't work. I had extra problems as I had seizures as a child and couldn't take any of the off label anti seizure meds, which don't help many anyway but helps to have on your list of "I tried THAT".

    That list should be fairly long and include things like Accupuncture, Chiropractor, Physical Therapy and anything else you can try. And they MIGHT help you after all. It's all worth trying at least.

    It also helps the doctor if it ends up that medication and things like Hypnotism or moderate exercise and other things turn out to be your best solution. Take a sleep study and see what the results are. ANYthing they suggest within reason..TRY. You never know when it might work and if it doesn't it helps with your case later on.

    Even hot Epsom Salts with Peroxide baths, praying if you do, music, meditation and things like that..even just temporary things to take your mind away from the pain can help and do help me. A minute out of pain is a minute out of pain, so it's never not worth it.

    Try using different language to yourself also. Instead of saying to yourself "I feel awful" try saying "I don't feel as bad as I could" until you can say with some confidence "I feel pretty good today or right now".
    Attitude DOES help though I'm not saying it's mental, just that a good mental outlook helps...with anything in life.

    But number one is getting a doctor on your side who is willing to buck the system if he has to and who keeps excellent records. NEVER miss an appointment and ALWAYS do exactly as directed by your doctor. You will gain their trust as well as help yourself more in the long run.

    Good luck! Hugs, Bambi
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    I am so sorry you are in so much pain.I undestand, pain can really wear you down.Emotionally & physically!!!!!

    Will say a prayer & I hope the pain eases up!!!!!

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    Thank you all for your support and advice. I really needed it and very much appreciate it. I actually found a doctor recently who is excellent and I really trust and like him. I am also going to OT, walk on the tredmill for 10 minutes a day MAX if I am able that day, a lot of stretching and sitting in my hot tub. So I feel at this point I am really trying to do everything I can to help myself. Unfortunately, I'm just not where I need to be yet pain wise, and am also just getting over phnemonia, which makes it worse.

    As my doc says, one day at a time. I'm still wondering though, does anyone know how Wisconsin Disability works???

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