need advice on improving my diet

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  1. TXPeach

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    Hi everyone,
    OK, I finally must face the facts. I have to start eating better! I have felt so bad for so long that I know I must do something to help myself.

    I am so sick of taking medication that doesn't help. I'm thinking maybe I can get some relief if I will try to exercise some and change the way I eat.

    My question is how have you changed the way you eat? What has made a noticeable improvement in your pain? Has anything helped?

    I will admit that I LOVE sugar and baked goods. I never turn down a cheeseburger and fries either. I KNOW I have to change, but I need everyone's advice on what has helped the most.

    I am feeling so discouraged right now. I have been up every morning at 4:30 because the pain is so bad in my neck and shoulders that I just cannot lay there any longer.

    Also, was wondering if any of you take vitamin supplements and what has helped?

    I am open to any and all suggestions. I need help! Thanks for listening!

    God bless,
  2. ikathy

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    I can tell you from experience that sugar is #1 culprit that makes me feel the worst without a doubt.

    I have gradually reduced the amt. out of sugar and white flour that I eat. Cookies, candy, cake -- I love it all, but can't have it for now.

    I've been experimenting with low carb -- really starting to enjoy the flavor of vegetables. I have stopped eating rice and potatoes for the time being.

    I eat eggs in the morning with a little fruit. For lunch, I will make or buy a salad with chicken or tuna in it.

    Dinner is fish, chicken, or steak and a mixture of veges like asparagus, peppers, and broccoli.

    I hope to lose a little weight and just feel better. I did eat some birthday cake on Saturday nite and felt achy on Sunday.

    As far as supplements go, I take a good multi, calcium and Magnesium. I plan to add coenzyme Q10 and Vit e perhaps fish oil too,
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  3. pasara

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    a really good start is to check out the book "nourishing traditions" by sally fallon. it does not advocate a radical diet or anything, but what it does do is get us back to our traditional way of eating and see the benefits it provided. it is very informative.
  4. xchocoholic

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    I'd recommend the Paleo or caveman diet. It eliminates all common food intolerances and can correct blood glucose levels. It's just meats, fruits and veggies, easy on the fruit and no potatoes or carrots.

    I just experimented with getting processed foods and dairy back into my diet and found out that I feel so much better on the Paleo diet.

  5. Nanie46

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    I improved last year after having delayed food allergy testing(sensitivities/intolerances), finding out that I had 22 sensitivities, doing an elimination diet, and also taking Famvir.

    The main culprits for me are sugar cane and corn syrup. I do not eat any foods with either of these in them. At first it was an adjustment, but now it's a way of life. Often it is the things that you crave the most that are causing you to feel so much worse.

    I read all labels looking for hidden sugar and corn syrup. I don't buy it if it says dextrose, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, etc.

    I eat alot of whole foods...foods that grow on trees, or in the ground etc.

    Supplements I take: Calcium, magnesium & malic acid, fish oil, vitamin D, and digestive enzymes with probiotics.

    If you want to eliminate sugar and corn syrup or any other food to see how you feel, it is important to eliminate all traces of it, or you will not be able to see if you really improve. I improved on day 10...but everyone is different.

    Think of it as a conscious decision to move toward better health. Don't think of it as deprivation. It is a choice so that you can feel better and improve your life. Good luck.

  6. bikrgrl

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    I changed my diet a long time ago and am at my goal weight.
    I have noticed no improvement with fibro.
    I continue with it because i don't want any other diseases to deal with. The ones i have are enough.
    i do hear alot about b12 though, i have not taken it yet but a lot of people say it's a big help.
  7. baanders

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    Ubiquinol (strong coQ10)
    Corvalen M
    Coenzyme A (this one expensive)

    They help with fatigue too. can take 3x/day 4 hrs apart

    may get nervous at first, so start slow, then you just get the energy and pain relief.

  8. sisland

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    You have gotten some very good advice above!!,,,,Sugar is the #1 thing i gave up that helped alot!,,,i follow the earth diet (Thats what i call it,,lolol) as close as possible,,,,,,No processed,,,or Canned foods,,,just friut ,,Veggies,,(Raw),,,,,wholegrains,,,,,fish ,,chicken,,,,venison,,,elk,,,,potatoes,,Rice,,,(in small amounts),,,,,Oats,,,oatbran,,,,,,i do eat small amts of yogart,,,milk,,,,cottage cheese,,,,,,and sometimes sugar free chocolate as a treat,,,,,,,suppliments,,,,,Fish oil,,B12,,B,complex,,,,milk thistle,,,,primrose oil,,vit E,,oil,,,,,,,,

    since i have been following this diet the sleeping patterens have improved ,,,,Painlevel is less,,,no more Headaches,,,,,,,Energy level is up,,,,,,FM is still very much with me but i feel like i have some control of it now with this Diet,,,

    it's hard to get started on the diet but,,,,,if you can stick with it for at least a week you should feel alot better and that will encourage you to continue!,,,,,,,For me the first week was spent primarily in the Bathroom,,,,You know!,lol,,,,

    then i started a walking program,,,,and built it up as i went,,,,,,it's hard but necessary,,,,,,the american public advertises Junk Food alot and thats where alot of people get the idea that it's ok to induldge and alot of folks do,,can't blame them because it tastes good!,,,,,

    But the health results are eventually a death sentence,,,,,,Sorry i'm ratteling on,,,,,,,,Goodluck and i hope this and all the other posts encourage you!!,,,,,,,,Sis

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  9. SkeptikSharon

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    I'm also working on changing my eating habits, but it is so hard! My chiropractor recommended week before last that I try an anti-inflammatory diet, and in the booklet he gave me, the first reference listed is The Paleo Diet. I ordered the book, and it looks like a promising option. It will be hard to put into practice at first though, as it is only lean proteins, veggies, and fruits, along with small amounts of some nuts and seeds. No processed foods, no sugar, no salt (or very little sea salt), only certain oils allowed, and NO GRAINS!

    The grain thing is what I'm having the hardest time with, I think, as it does go against everything I grew up learning, but the book makes a very good case against grains. It talks about how the grains, even fortified with vitamins and minerals, actually inhibit our bodies from absorbing those vitamins and minerals. Plus, even after being fortified, the grains just do not measure up to fruits and veggies in terms of health benefits.

    My one concern about this is that this eating plan is GREAT for LOSING weight, but I have the opposite problem. I am only at 95 pounds right now, due to the stomach issues I've been having for so long, so I can't really afford to lose any weight. I am hoping though, that by changing the way I eat, I can increase my stomach's effectiveness, get rid of some of the nausea and pain (along with all the normal FM symptoms hopefully), and kick up my metabolism and appetite. My fear is that it may only kick up my metabolism without kicking up the appetite, which would be VERY bad.

    But I have to try something, so this is what I'm going with for now. I'm just starting it this week, so I don't know how well it will work, and I am still in the process of reading the book.

    Salt and sugar are my biggest cravings, but I'm hoping I can get around those without giving into them too much.
  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Like you, I love sweets but I'm better off without them. I don't believe in complete deprivation so what I've done is to choose my favourite treat (milk chocolate, in my case) and limit my indulgences to just this one substance. I can forgo the cookies & cakes & pies a lot easier, knowing I don't have to give up my favourite treat. I don't eat milk chocolate very often but when I do, I enjoy it!

    Another tip is to make changes & substitutions slowly. Over the years I've moved

    from white bread to whole wheat bread
    from white pasta to whole wheat or vegetable pasta
    from white instant rice to brown wild rice
    from whole milk to skim milk
    from cheddar cheese to low-fat marble cheese
    from hamburgs & hot-dogs to veggie burgers and tofu wieners
    from creamy salad dressing to oils & vinegars
    from trans fat margarine to Becel
    from non-specific cooking oil to virgin olive oil

    I made the changes slowly and in all cases I've come to prefer the healthier alternative.

    I feel better when I eat high-protein. I don't eat red meat or poultry but with fish, nuts, eggs, beans & lentils as part of my diet, I can eat high-protein as a matter of course.

    Exercise has also made a huge difference to the way I feel. I take daily walks. I use a walker so it's slow-going but it does me a world of good.

    I take a scad of medications; painkillers, anti-depressants, hormone replacements, for diabetes, for low thyroid, for high cholesterol, inhalants & steroids for my lungs and the following supplements:

    omega 3 6 9
    multi vitamin
    calcium (taken separately from other meds & supplements)
    vitamin d
    baby aspirin (heart-health)

    I'm always working to increase my intake of vegetables because a love of vegetables does not come naturally to me.

    I've never been one for green salads (unless made with high-fat, creamy salad dressing) but I recently discovered a store that sells flavoured oils and vinegars to make your own salad dressing. I bought Citrus Grapeseed Oil and a Mango Vinegar and using a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of these, a green salad never tasted so good. Lots of zing with virtually no calories. Fun!

    You've come to the right conclusion with regard to improving your diet, taking some exercise & doing what you can to gain some measure of control over this nasty illness. I wish you all the best as you work toward your goals and I encourage you to be gentle as you implement change.

    God bless you,
    Anne Theresa

  11. PVLady

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    I had the same dilemma. I know it is very hard to eat sometimes but junk food goes down easy.

    Several months ago I started using a daily protein shake called Gold Standard. It is so digestible a baby can eat it.

    Also, I added a product called Miracle Reds. The change in my health has been dramatic. My digestion is like a normal person - I am "regular" for the first time in my life.

    In addition to the shake, which I used with soy milk, I try to eat a better dinner to include a vegetable.
  12. TXPeach

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    Thank you all for taking to the time to respond to my plea for help. I have spent my entire lifetime eating the wrong foods, and I realize I just cannot do it anymore!

    I truly feel that this is the key for me--to change my entire thinking on what I put into my body. I love to eat. I come from a family of BIG eaters! Amazingly, I am only about 25 lbs overweight. The way I eat it really should be much more than that.

    I just had no idea where to begin other than to cut out the sugar and fast food. That's an easy one to figure out, but the rest.....I just wasn't sure what I CAN eat and feel good!

    I am very appreciative of all of your responses. I am excited at the prospect of eating healthy and feeling better!

    Thanks again, and anyone else who wants to respond...please do. I need all the help I can get!

    God bless,