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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aka1977, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. aka1977

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been given some thought about going back to work. My question is I haven't worked since 2001, and have been disabled (ssd) since then. So if I would apply for a job and possibly get an interview what should I disclose about this huge gap in employment, and be sick? I don't know for sure if I will do anything but I need some thoughts of what to do.

  2. coolma

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    If you are able to work part-time on your disability coverage, it would be advisable to start a little at a time. I don't know what coverage is like in the U.S. but in Canada on disability pension you can try to work a little and still retain your coverage, and there is a time limit under which you can be reinstated should you fail at the work idea. It is very risky with insurance coverage. I once thought I'd go back to work, and lasted a day! The weather changed and I was flat in bed. There are seasons where we feel alot better and think we can take on the world - then the weather changes or winter sets in and we are smacked back. If you are really alot better - look into possibly starting slowly and look into the possibility of retaining your coverage, or regaining it over a short period of "trial work". Good luck. It's good to hear someone feels well enough to try to work again!!!
  3. obrnlc

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    hi aka--

    this is a tough one! I applied a few months ago for some PT jobs, (mostly to satisfy my Dr., i knew i would never make it thru orientation!) and i could only explain it truthfully, (but i don't think i spec. said fibro).

    It was pretty obvious from the way i walk, etc. that i am not "normal", healthwise, so it would have been hard to not mention it. I said that "the 3-4 yr. gap was due to some health problems, but i felt that they were resoved enough to try a part-time job, and the specific one i was applying for, i felt i could do."

    it must have been acceptable to her, as i had a phone call on my machine when i got home saying i was hired. (i couldn't pass the physical, though, so it never happened!)

    It also lets them know that you may need some type of accommadation if hired, and that if they don't hire you and you find out its because of your dis., then you could have an ADA case. Most people will want to avoid the whole dis. issue, so don't mention it until the interview, they have no way of knowing from your resume if you took time off for kids or family or what.

    glad you feel well enough to give it a shot--take care--L

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