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    Hello Everyon,
    ive not posted for a long time. I will get to the point.i have fm ddd, djd, amonst other symptoms.

    The worst for me that i deal with on a daily basis are my hips. The right side i have pinched nerve.

    Saturday night i went out to get a few things at the pharmacy, and when i stepped out of the can i took a step and slipped and fell on black ice... flat on my behind.

    I layed there for a few mins and cryed. ...hoping i could get up.

    Well i did very gingerly i my say

    I went into rite aidwalking bent over very very slow.

    when i got in i knew the fall i took wasnt good. so i asked the clerk to use the Phone, and i told him that i had fallen and i wanted to call my sister because i wasnt sure i could drive.

    There had me sit and the lady clerk said she would go get the things that i had came there for.
    Any ways my sister wasnt home and i drove home my self the lady clerk had helped me to my car.

    I have a bad right hip brings me to my knee pain. already.

    Now the left side isfirst burning pinching and the muscles are real sore all across my hips front and back.

    Sorry this is so long and isnt in great grammer i hurt bady but i dont know if i should go to my GP or to the walk in clinic ...or Just what.

    all i know this is a very scary pain and it isnt going away.

    Any advice will sure help.

    Thank you in advance

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    Sounds like you are in alot of pain. Call your GP see if you can get in if not go to the urgent care clinic. You soundlike you may have injured your back or tailbone. I wouldn't mess around. You need to see a doctor.


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    Dear KMJ:

    I came from the FMS board...go to your doctor...if you cannot get an appointment...go to the ER/Walkin clinic. You may have broken something and you could be making things worse. I can understand your concern. I have terrible hip pain, but mostly just on one side (right). I have FMS, dx 2 years ago. I have multiple bone spurs and was told to have my hip replaced 10 years ago (I am 42 now). I usually only get the electrical zap, which can cause me to lose control of my body, and luckily it only lasts for a short time.

    Go to the doctor NOW...make sure that whatever he/she gives you for pain is sufficient to relieve your pain...or you could find yourself in a FMS flare.

    Good luck.