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    It has been decided to get the amalgam out of my mouth and eliminate the possibility of more mercury poisoning. That means 6 teeth are going bye bye. The fillings have been replaced at least once and there isn't any wiggle room left, so I'm crossing another bridge into old timers' land.


    I've ordered my smoothie and sorbet books and cleaned up the juicer.

    Here's my problem. I'm disabled and dental work is covered by the state. I don't want to say we are treated like cattle or anything, cuz at least cattle are fattened up first. LOL

    Can someone talk me through this trauma? I will be put to sleep and then I'm on my own for three months. I have my pain pills standing by.

    How long will I want to shoot myself?

    And I heard on the radio that fashion models have their back teeth removed so they photograph better. I've *always* wanted that ... cough ...

    What kind of stuff am I going to get stuck in my mouth after this? Is it horrible? Do I even want it?

    (sigh) I'm scared.

    they don't even hurt or anything... aaack.
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    to replace these fillings and save your teeth? I have two friends in health care that have had all of their fillings replaced. One is an osteopathic doctor and the other is a medical scientist working with patients in a healthcare setting. They both firmly believe replacments are a must.

    If you have teeth pulled, it is not so bad. I have only had four pulled at one time-8 total for braces, as an adult. The four wisdom teeth were the worst. The other four were not so bad. So it depends on what teeth are coming out.

    My dentist replaces my fillings when needed. I am doing the replacements slowly over time. He thinks they should come out too.

    Hope all goes well for you,
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    That's terrible, both my parents had to wear dentures and I know it's very painful and horrible if that's the only option.

    For what it's worth, I had my mercury fillings replaced a few years ago, long before diagnosing fms but I did it because I have always had many allergies and sensitivities to odors. Had a good dentist, I now have a head full of porcelain, and it made no difference whatsoever! I'm glad to get it done, but honestly if they had to pull teeth I do not think I would do it. Can you have an MD take blood tests to see if there is mercury in your system??
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    Please do not be scared. I was like 24 when they pulled all my top teeth and all but six on the bottom front. They were all pulled on the same day. Only hitch I had was that I had infection and they did not know it before I had them pulled. If there is ANY chance you have infection in your mouth..gums.. make sure they give you an antibiotic. You will not feel a thing until later when you get home. I do not even remember taking pain pills. I did however drink malts..they were very soothing. Keep yourself hydrated so you do not get dry socket.

    When I had my last six done..I went home and helped my husbands family butcher all day long. I know I am not that much stronger than you!! I just went into the very beginning of getting my teeth pulled with a positive attitude. I recommend it highly. My Mom..who had hers pulled when she was even younger told me to put the dentures in and wear them. If you take them will not be as successful. Make sure the denture does not rub you can take a few days for it to show up. If you get a rubbing or sore spot..get to the dentist and tell him..he can uaully fix that kinda thing right in the office with you there.

    Please do not get all upset..I think you will do fine. And yep..I had fibro back then. Keep a smile and let me know if I can help.