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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hippo, May 18, 2003.

  1. Hippo

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    OK, this is really bothering me. I posted earlier today regarding the practice of "cupping." Thank you for the responses. I spent several hours with a strange doctor yesterday who does a lot of off-the-wall stuff, strange kinds of adjustments and stuff I don't even have names for. I was referred to him by a friend who was terminally ill with cancer. He supposedly cured her when she had only 3 months left to live. I was ambivalent about going, partly because I am a skeptic. After being sick for 20 years and finding almost nothing works, I have a right to be skeptical. Also, I was put off by the driving distance involved--this guy is almost 200 miles away. I drove there, got treated, and drove back the same day. You can imagine how I feel today.

    What bothers me is that the doctor was very confident in himself--almost overly confident, if that's possible. He assured me that I would start to feel better very soon. So far I feel worse. What concerns me is that I tentatively agreed to go back next weekend with my 3 daughters, all of whom have health problems. My 13-year-old daughter also has CFS, and I would do anything to get her feeling better. My 9-year-old twins have psychiatric disorders, and this guy claims he can treat all of our problems. I am really starting to wonder if he is over-confident and possibly full of BS. I am not sure if I am willing to take that long drive through the desert again on what may be a fool's errand. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

  2. pinkquartz

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    my advice is to follow your heart and gut instincts........when i have done this i have found people who can help me......when i "trust" the hype , it doesn't work for me......even if it works for someone else.

    we all have the ability to be intuitive........and i say this while also saying its ok to make mistakes and also to say you don't know.

    but if you feel a no to this i think you shoud trust yourself.....go with your instincts.......

    let me know which you does sound very far out there on the alternative side......but then i have never heard of it before other people might say different

    best wishes
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  3. patchwork

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    what he does for you before you take the kids. If you do show improvement then go. I'm personally a big fan of certain alternative medicine such as Reflexology and homeopathy, both of which have helped me far more than traditional Doctors have, but I'm aware there are cowboys out there! Good Luck!
  4. lucky

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    Your message reminds me of what I experienced 15 yrs. ago, when I was newly diagnosed with CFS. In my desperation I also followed an advice and saw a homeopathic doctor who promised me on my first visit that he would make me better and not to worry.
    Unfortunately it did not turn out like this, and I got progressively worse and at that time a wellknown internist (who also had CFS) came to my rescue. One can imagine that I lost all my confidence in any alternative healers since then.
    But, I agree with the other replies that it probably is worthwhile to go a second time to really see what this doctor has to offer and how and with what he is treating you. We all have to try to find out, and if we don't we will never know.
    I wish you lots of luck, Lucky
  5. Mikie

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    Something in his overconfident manner is sending up a flare for you. I would not subject my kids to this unless you feel some results. Also, I'm always leery of someone who can fix everything.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Annette2

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    What exactly is "cupping"? Thanks.

  7. Hippo

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    "Cupping" is an accupuncture practice of putting hot cups or glasses on the person's back. It leaves funny marks--my back looks like it was attacked by an octopus.

    Still not sure what I'm going to do about this guy. I so much appreciate the feedback from everyone who responded.

  8. klutzo

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    I had 22 sessions of acupuncture with a Chinese acupuncturist including cupping back in 1988. At that point I had been sick with Fibro for 2 yrs. The acupuncturist dx'd me with "low Chi" and " a deficiency of Yang in the kidney". In plain English, that means my problems are due to a sluggish metabolism that does not eliminate toxins fast enough. The sessions made me woozy, so that I could not drive myself home, even though it was only 3 miles away. The wooziness lasted about 45 mins. after each session. I had no improvement after 22 sessions, so I quit.
  9. healing

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    Acupuncture helps me, both with electrostimulation and moxa (heat). I have never had cupping done, however. I am relatively intolerant of traditional meds -- could never take the cocktail of painkillers, antidepressants, sleep aids, etc., that many of you are able to consume -- so alternative medicine has been a godsend for me. But I agree: if one more session with this guy doesn't make you feel better, look for someone else. There are lots and lots of alternative practitioners in southern California, and there must be lots of DOs who use alternative methods.
  10. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    Just to follow up: I took my 3 girls and myself back out to this alternative medicine guy. We all got treated today. This was my second treatment, and he treated the kids as well but didn't do anything invasive with them. I guess I needed to satisfy my curiosity about him. Now if none of us feels any better, I am at least satisfied that we tried. And if my friend, the ex-cancer patient, says anything, I don't ever have to feel like I left this stone unturned. Thanks to all for the responses.

  11. AC77

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    I was shown pics of child abuse detection back in one of my many classes and cupping done wrong was one of them. It is an abandoned chinese practice. basically, like trying to pull evil spirits from your blood! The theory is the heat and pressure of the cup 'pulls disease to the surface.' I am very open minded but this is just plain old insane. Run for the hills my dear and dont turn back to this witch doctor. He sounds like the Miss Cleo's of holistic doctors.

    Keep in mind he may actually believe this works! And belief in itself is a cure. But as far as medically acceptable, it isn't and please be cautious. All these types of doctors have a Panacea cure. I read a book....a modern one about an ND, who said he could bring back dead people with cayenne pepper! That book is now somewhere in the trash. Please dont waste your money and cancel your check if you can!

  12. Hippo

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    Thanks for your concern. Luckily he did not do cupping on my children, and my own back has healed up nicely. I am not going to cancel my check because I feel I made a contract with this man. Whether or not his treatment is effective or not is immaterial to the fact that I need to honor my end of the bargain. I was tempted by your suggestion, but I think I will let things stand the way they are. If nothing else, it was quite an experience!

  13. averilpam

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    have a very valuable place in treating many ailments, especially those that conventional medicine have little to offer.
    However, sadly there are lots of quacks about, so I personally would only go to one who had been personally recommended by someone I trust.

    I have in the past benefited greatly from both acupucture and homeopathy, also reflexology. I have been fortunate to find good practitioners through friends.
    I have also come accross some

    good luck to anyone who tries any of these therapies. Don't be put off by horror stories, but don't risk going to someone you know nothing about, that's my advice. If youcan't get a personal recommendation, then do as much research as you can and make sure they belong to an accredited association, and are well qualified.
  14. Hippo

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    Thank you for your comments. I actually went to this guy at the recommendation of a friend who was nearly dead from cancer. The conventional doctors had given up on her. This alternative practitioner brought her back from death's door. Her story has been verified by six other people that I know. So that is the reason I gave this guy a shot.