Need Advice Re Daughter's Anxiety Attacks

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    Hello, I have CFS and so does my 14-year-old daughter. Just lately, she has started having panic attacks and thinks people are after her. She is seeing a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist put her on 25 mg. of Paxil. She was so upset today, however, that I gave her .25 mg of Xanax, which is my own prescription. I realize that you are not supposed to share your medications with others, but she was just frantic. It's the middle of a holiday weekend and I don't know what else to do for her. It relieved her anxiety but made her a little too sleepy. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi Hippo,

    My daughter is 15. She was diagnosed at age 13 with Asperger's syndrome which is a type of mild autism; there is also a bit of schizophrenia in there too. She is a very anxious child.

    Right now she is on Zoloft 75mg and a new medicine called Abilify. She has not been on it very long and I can see some positive effects already. She takes one half mg a day. We are starting slow with this dosage. Prior to this she was on another med called Risperdal (along with the Zoloft) which you may want to consider. She took 1mg a day. It was a wonderful medicine, unfortunately it causes weight gain so we took her off it and now we are trying the Abilify. She also tried Prozac which was not a good choice for her as it made her sick.

    I realize this is not about CFS. However, I feel very strongly that these two disorders are in someway related. They both affect the central nervous system. My daughter and I have many traits in common (sensitivity to noise, panic attacks, anxiety, need our alone time, etc.) and I sometimes wonder if she is destined to have FM or CFS like myself.

    Best wishes,
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    I sure can't relate to a fourteen year old, but I do know that after a few weeks of taking Magnesium it has been a tremendous help with the panic feelings I had had for years.

    I would not suggest she take the amount that I do, but you could ask her doctor about this. I am sure they could check her magnesium levels for you.

    I am taking the Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium) and also the ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for sleep, it also stopped my RLS, and the spasms, and a lot of the pain from FM.

    Why not go to the 'Store' link and print out the articles on these two supplements and let her doctor read them.
    There are also some articles in the 'HOme' page on Magnesium and CFS/FM too you might want to read.

    Most people with FM/CFS are deficient in magnesium, it also affects the function of the brain when we do not get the proper amount of it.

    There is a marvellous book out on Magnesium; 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Carolyn Dean., N.D. You might want to read this.

    Magnesium is natures natural tranqualizer.

    I do take low dose (.025mgs) Xanax myself, only at night for racing brain syndrome, or if I really get a bad feeling during the day, which does not happen very often anymore since I started the magnesium.

    But this is a seriously addictive drug for a young child to take, but I do understand how you must have felt on the holiday with a crisis like you had. Yes, it would have made her sleepy.

    I sure hope you find what works for her soon, and will keep her in my prayers. I feel so badly for young people that have these illnesses. It all just seems so unfair.

    Take care,

    Shalom, Shirl

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    But I know more that have tried it and it caused anxiety as a side effect. Couldn't stay on it because of the anxious feelings and shakes. It may not be the drug of choice for her. I know its the holiday weekend, but someone should be covering the call schedule. If it were me, I'd call and ask them what they suggest about the panic attacks. How long has she been on the Paxil? It is not one you can stop cold turkey. Keep us posted on how she does. -Karen
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    gaba helped my anxiety attacks and eleuthero helped my adrenals....still take both of them...also another thing the doc gave me to help give me to assist with anxiety attacks that just come out of nowhere....L-Glycine (an enzyme) put 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in 4-6 ounces of water and drink it whenever feel attack coming really works and you can use it whenever necessary cause it is natural to the between all 3 i rarely feel panicky anymore....I rarely use L-glycine anymore except i just started a new abx and was feeling really anxious/nervous i guess from herxing so I used it today again....

    hope this info may help you with your daughter. I know how you feel, i have 2 teenage daughters with this that are in the early stages of symptoms and this isn't one of them yet though.

    take care
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    Only increased the anxiety for hubby had the same reaction. Zoloft also made me much worse. It is hard finding the right medications, and if she is sensitive to medications it may make it much harder.

    Back when I was 13...and having problems much like your daughter, (In my case bad anxiety attacks) I was prescribed valium...that was before the doctors stopped prescribing it because of the fear it would be addictive. It helped, I never became an addict...and it got me through the rough spots. I am once again having problems with anxiety at times myself...and find that the only choices offered to me are Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbuterin, and the lot..which make my symptoms much, much worse. (I could literally bounce off the walls while taking these) I would say Klonipin, help the most out of those that I've tried, but are the drugs doctors are very hesitant to prescibe for any long-term use.

    Hope everything works out okay...I'll say a prayer for her...been down that road before, and it was not fun. Tough enough being that age...let alone dealing with this on top of it all.

    Take Care
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    Hippo, I began having anxiety attacks when I was in early 20's, & after having my 2 children very close together. Bad thing was, I had no idea what was going on with me...& that makes it so much worse.My doctor figured it out & began me on Elavil, which helped so much...but it took a little time for me to feel true relief from the attacks. (By the way, this was in 1968 & I know many drugs have appeared since then. Like others above, I had negative reactions to Zoloft,
    Paxil, Wellbuterin, etc. Xanax has helped the most but doctors really HATE prescribing them. I keep a few on hand just to ward off those feelings if they begin. THANK GOD, I seldom ever have an attack now.

    What I told my daughters as they were growing up, & each experienced a "twinge" of anxiety attacks, was this:

    1) KNOW that the feeling WILL pass (even though it doesn't seem that way!). You feel as though you're going through a dark tunnel, but KNOW that there is light on the other side!
    I got to the point that I would say, "Okay, here it comes again. Let it come because it will pass.It's like a big wave hitting & passing over." This really seemed to help me get beyond that painful time. I think I began to lose the FEAR of it. Fear makes things so much worse.

    2) Deep breathing really helps, too. I practice this often...panic attacks, or not. I breathe through the nose & count a rhythmic 12345678910, breathing in; hold for a second, & exhale with a rhythmic count of 12345678910.

    3) Even though I HATE PANIC ATTACKS WITH A PASSION, they have also caused me to look to God more & they haven't been all bad! (Ha!) God did NOT give me the attacks, but He did allow them to actually strengthen me.We become much more compassionate of others, I believe. If there is a "positive side" I believe this is it!

    Hippo, I pray that something said will be a GREAT comfort to your daughter & to you. Know that you are both in my prayers. May God's Peace wrap around you & comfort you!
    Love you,
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    Good advice, Carolyn!