Need Advice Re Disability in Divorce

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hippo, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. Hippo

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    Hello. I am looking for advice on ways to prove to a judge in a divorce case that I am disabled with CFS. My lawyer sent me to a psychiatrist who specializes in disability cases and he told me yesterday that while he believes me, he can't testify in court for me because he can't PROVE that I am telling the truth, and that I have no objective medical tests proving how sick I am. Two suggestions that were made were for me to go for neuro-psychiatric testing to prove cognitive problems, and to go to a PHYSIATRIST, which is some kind of physical-therapy doctor, to document loss of muscle and muscle strength. I think both of these are good ideas, does anyone have any others? Thank you.

  2. Kathryn

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    that you also have fm - what about a rheumatologist or neurologist? I would certainly think that the combination would be even more disabling than either one alone. Good luck to you. Hope your attorney is a good one!
  3. Jen F

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    ...who has a lot of patients with CFS and is well versed in the illness and in the most up to date research and hopefully they will be supportive, at least in writing if not in person.

    Hopefully you can afford to pay them, which might be addded incentive. I know CFS docs work with a lot of poor patients who require a lot of time and so the doc may get frustrated with their own low income.

    Perhaps get your EBV titers tested, might show current active infection. Perhaps sleep study?

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to arm yourself with the the latest in research.

    Mabye find a lawyer familiar with CFS.

    Mabye also see a therapist who works with grief esp, that experienced due to all the losses someone with a chronic illness faces, esp if they are familiar with CFS/FM.

    Would be helpful for you to get as many people as possible on your side, friends, doctors, therapists, maybe social worker, maybe CFS support group members to testify on your behalf and support you.

    I know it's not easy....

    Hope you manage somehow.
  4. Jen F

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    Did you see the posts about that book?

    supposedly has list of resources in it, maybe might be a good book for you to have around.

    the biggest problem to you in your sitn is that your illness is invisible, right?
  5. Hippo

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    Actually my soon-to-be-ex husband sent me to a rheumatologist for an evaluation, and the guy said I DIDN'T have fibromyalgia! It gets tricky. Probably because my Ex was paying him.

  6. Jen F

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    They are trained to find ways to make you ineligible for benefits and in your case, to find that you are not ill, which would be of benefit to your husband, right?

    You need to connect with doctors of your own choice.

    I am sure there are many on this board who could tell you horror stories about IME'S - "Independent" medical evaluations done by doctors paid by insurance companies.

    ABSOLUTELY, it gets tricky if your husband is footing the bill.

    do you have the symptoms of FM? If so, then get your own doctor.
  7. teach6

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    The suggeestions by all the others are good ones. I went to a neuro-psychologist for my SSDI, sent by my attorney. He was excellent. He deals with a lot of CFS cases.

    Another thing would be a tilt table test. I posted yesterday about Orthostatic Intolerance, NMH/POTS. It's on either the first or second page now. You can read it and see if you think it describes you. If so a tilt table test would be helpful.

  8. Hippo

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    Thank you for your response. Could you tell me a little bit more about the neuro-psychological testing and if you showed up with any abnormalities? Did you win your disability case? I am not sure what to expect.

    Also thank you to everyone else who responded. I am taking notes on everything that has been mentioned. I appreciate every single idea.