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  1. My hubby has fybro and I have become sick with fybro but am not on dissability,So here is my question.We are paying 950 a month rent.And I am getting too sick to work much. My mother in -law {whom I adore} Says there is a house for rent where she lives in the is only 300.00 a month.I would be living in a small area, and have always been in the city.This is very temping, especially since I have been having alot of panic attacks.

    The job I have is a sever so it's not like Ihave anything invested here as for as a job.Also the landlord is good friends with inlaws.

    I do have a son who is 24 and he is engaged and they are getingan apartment toghether and my 16 yr old is the one Iwould have to work on. So just any suggestions or opinions? Thanks Ruthie
  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Is your husband and you both working? I realize you both have FMS.

    I guess it depends on how you feel and what the house is like. There could be problems with the house that is only $300 a month. How far away is it from the city? Is the house well insulated?

    If you loss power you may be out of it for a much longer time in the country. Also you may not have cable TV or Internet if you have that now in the city.

    If you are on city water/sewer, you may have a septic system and well water in the country. There could be problems with that and getting used to different water.

    These are just a few of the things I would be concerned with. Gas is likely to go up higher and if you have to travel further, you would be paying more to fill your car/truck up.

    I wish you the best on your decision, whatever it may be. Moving is hard work and with both of you having fibromyalgia, that would be hard on you all to pack and unpack, but the savings on rent is significant.

  3. Redwillow

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    Hi willruthie1965

    The things that Ilovecats94 says are valid questions. Thing that you should investigate before moving. Only you know what is important to you and your husband.

    You could certainly check into internet connections, TV reception, and transportation costs as well as the condition of the house before you move.

    I live in the country and love it but then I was born on a farm. I can't imagine living in the city. I love the quiet, the space and the privacy. That said living in the country is not for everyone.

    hugs Redwillow

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    other than all the questions already raised and if the house is good. Then it sounds great!! If it allieviates stress in the long run it will be good for your health.

    Although moving a 16yr old from the city to the country might take ALOT of convincing!!!! And might cause stress when trying to settle in a new school etc. But if you have family close by then it'll be easier to meet people etc.

    Sounds great, good luck :eek:)
  5. Well Hubby does recieve social security.So we do recieve agood check and no he isn't working.Iwork as a waitress.The cost of living there is very cheap.Besides me and mom in law are best of friends.Lately being here, where I deal with healthy people who doen't understand me or my hubby is very depressing.

    I have been at same job for 8 yrs and went through the scrutiny when hubby got sick, all the "well he doesn't look sick" and lots of negative remarks.Now since one yr of me being sick,it's hard to do all over again.I tested positive for ra and now it's only a matter of time before I get too sick to work.I did loose about 20 pounds hoping it will help but it did a little but not alot of help.Thanks for replys.
  6. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I grew up in the country, lived in cities for many years, and now live in a small town with most of the amenities of a city. It's a matter of personal preference. There are things I have liked about all the places I have lived. Loved the country.

    Check things out that you need to know. Usually you'll get a feeling about what is probably right for you, where you feel at peace and comfortable. Best wishes.

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