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    Need advice and suggestions--when diagnosed with FM started the rounds of supplements-but on doctor's recommendation stopped supplements and tried all the FM meds-Cymbalta,Lyrica and recently Savella-(individually-not all at one) NONE of them agreed with my body-awful side effects!! I have had to discontinue all of them. So much for hoping for a miracle drug.

    I am currently on Synthroid(total thyroidectomy) and 200 mg of grape seed extract.
    Need advice/suggestions on what/how much to add to these to help with FM symptoms without trying anymore prescription fibro meds.

    thanks in advance
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    Sorry to hear that you've struck out with the RX meds.

    Is the doc treating your thyroid issues checking free T3? Most docs feel TSH screen tells all relevant thyroid info; however TSH is actually a hormone made in the pituitary, and in fibro the HPA axis can be a little sleepy. Checking the actual levels of free thyroid hormones (free T3, free T4) is more helpful.

    Other hormones can play a role in some subsets of fibro, as well.

    A good place to start with supplements for fibro is researching magnesium and malic acid. The Pro Health store has some good combo supps -- there are other brands, as well.

    Supplements are helpful to many of us with fibro, however, if there is an underlying hormonal imbalance, it's important to address it.
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    T4, T3 and T2

    T4 is the back up reserve thyroid hormone. Synthoid is just T4.
    T3 is the active form. Sometime supplemented as Cytomel.
    T2 is identified, but biologist are not sure what it's function is.

    All are found in Armour thyroid (dessicated porcine).

    Many ppl don't do well on cytomel, as soon as you take it you can go from hyper-thyroidism to hypo-throidism later in the day. A compounded T4/T3 bioidentical is available, ask your pharmacist, then ask your doc.

    Thyroid is the "gas pedal" to the body's cells. Including the internal organs. It raises the body temp., accelerates the liver to burn up chloresterol and fat. Clears up many forms of depression.

    I think you should get a book called: From Fatigued to Fantastic" Teitelbaum It will get you started on the road to recovery: SHINE protocol

    S = 8-9 hours of sleep
    H = Hormonal balance
    I = Treat underlying infections
    N = Nutrition (extremely important) consider vegetable juice machines
    E = Mild exercise. Got to keep that lymph moving.