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    Ok need some answers,i have had fibro for 12 yrs,so i know it can have many strange systems.But the other night i was driving and all of a sudden i felt like i was slowly sinking,and pressure in my head and across my bridge of nose and ears felt plugged.Also weak and shaky,it was better in about 15 minutes.I get pressure in the head a lot of times over the yrs,but nothing like this,have any of you had this happen to you? My meds are clonazepan,lyrica,effexor,magnesium supp,ultram.
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    I was on my way to a difficult business trip, I was already stressed, nervous, but then my hands go numb and tinglely, went up my arms. Next my lips and face. No pain around the heart.
    I went to the ER but they couldn't find anything wrong.

    Later I read about adrenal exhaustion and it could have been the cause.

    The adrenals also control blood pressure when standing up (aldosterone) and a anti-diuretic hormone that keeps us from peeing out our essential salts...hence the need for supplemental magnesium, sodium, potassium et al.

    Low magnesium can trigger migraines, would hurt to add more magnesium. I like Calm by Natural Tranquility, the Lemon-Raspberry flavor is fantastic. If I feel a low magnesium migraine coming on, it quenches it in 10 minutes. Too much magnesium just gives you diarrhea.

    Lastly, its always a good idea to read over the side effects of all Rx just to be aware. Look up the words that you don't know. A pharmacist can tell you with just a phone call if any of your drugs could have caused this.
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    I had some very weird experiences with effexor. Especially trying to get off it. It felt like electrical pulses in my head. Then i went on Cymbalta and it worked for years untill now. Currently on savella for short time.