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    Does anyone out there know anyhting about Dissociative Identity Disorder. I am from England and the psychiatrist here dont believe it and I amstruggling to get help. I found a centre in Norwich and have been tested and found that is what I probably have but dont know much about it. feeling very scared about it. It has been going on for many years and have been struggling so much cos I didnt know what it was. Very depressed, find it so hard to get through the days and cant seem to make any effort to do anything. Any ideas Thanks
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    You should go to a search engine, like altavista or google. Go to advanced search and type in the name above into the space that asks for "this exact phrase". I did this and already found a long article about it. It was too long to copy and paste here.

    The thing is, DID is actually multiple personality disorder. It was renamed DID.

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