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    i was wondering if anyone could give me advice. i really injoy the chruch i am going to where as before i did not like going because there was like 10 people at the most woth only 3-4 youth. the pastor pretty much preached about the samething every sundy and ways i have been having trouble sleeping. i am geting freaked out by the littlest things. i feel/think that the devil is messing with my mind cause i like the church and i feel like he is trying to pull me away from God. so if anyone can offer advice or anything else that might help i would greatly appiciate it.


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    Amber, ask God to keep you close to Him and to guide your every footstep. Please read the Bible every day and seek passages that comfort and teach you. Speak to your pastor about this. Perhaps he needs to know someone is actually listening to his sermons, and if he is a Godly man and has the calling of Pastor, he will be able to help you with this. The bottom line always is - the Bible is the final authority. Pray that you will be shown where to read it each day. Trust God.
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    I believe the Devil will do ANYTHING to keep us from God. When you were at the church and didn't really enjoy it, you were probaly were no threat to him and he didn't have to worry about you much. But now that you like the church, that's a different story - it might mean you actually might like going and will praise God, etc. As long as the church you're going to is bible based and you enjoy it - fight the devil all you can. Maybe everytime he starts messing with your mind you could recite bible verses in your head or read the bible if the situation allows and block him out. I believe it's the book of James that says, "Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.". I agree with the post above also. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    thanks for the advice. i havr james 4:7 written on an index card haging on my wall. i will try to read my bible everyday. once again thanks