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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Yesh, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Yesh

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    My son has reciently been diagnoised with schizophrenia along with ADHD. He has a high IQ but with the schizophrenia he has poor decision making skills and has very poor judgment; also, with the ADHD, he seems to be doing everything except what I asked him to do.

    I want to do what is best for him yet at the same time I do not want him to remain dependent on me for everything. Do any of you have suggestions on to help my son improve his judgment and decisions and how to help him be more independent without making him feel that I don't care about him.

    Thanks for your suggestions

  2. PVLady

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    Is your son seeing a psychiatric social worker. Maybe you can ask his doctor to recommend one, I believe you can get some good guidance there. You did not say how old your son is.

    You pose a tough question. Maybe with his meds, he will get better over time.
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    I can really relate to your situation. My son also has schizophrenia and learning disabilities!!! My personal opinion is that if you want to do what is best for your son, than take him to a psychiactrist (spelling?) and try getting him on Risperdal. My son takes it twice a day, 2 mg and he said it really helps his mind and his thinking. I also have him on Ativan for his anxiety he gets with all of his problems.

    Before my son was on medication, he used to tell me that I didn't care about him. He also used to tell me that there is nothing wrong with him, but that there was something wrong with me.

    It is heartbreaking to see your child suffer with these afflictions. As a one parent to another, until he is on medication, don't expect too much out of him. His world is hard enough. He will respond more when he is on medication, believe me! It made a world of difference. He is so eager to remember to take his medications because they have helped him so much!

    Also, try to join a support group for relatives of family memebers that have the disease. I went for months and really learned a lot.

    Good luck to you, your son, and to us.
  4. Yesh

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    My son is on medication, attends group therapy once a week and see a psych (can't spell that word either) doctor. I talked to the nurse practioner who works with the psych doctor and we are having people form different agencies come in and teach my son the basic things he needs to know to be independent.

    My son is on Stratta for the ADHD but honestly that does not seem to be doing much for him, the doctor said he may change it, after he adjusts the other medications and there is no improvement.