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    Hi all,

    For the past few years, I've had extreme fatigue, some leg pain, lack of appetite (because of IBS and nausea) and other gastro problems, causing me to lose a few lbs (which the Drs I see don't seem to be concerned about), cognitive problems, balance problems (dizziness), dry mouth, sleeping problems, headches, and anxiety/depression problems (which I didn't have before).

    I've had extensive blood work, an endoscopu, and a colonostomy. I've been told that I have fibro, possibly w/CFIDS. Years ago, I had mono and then was told that I had the EBV virus. How accurate is the test for the latter, anyway?

    I don't seem to feel better, although my symptoms wax and wane. Does anyone recommend seeing a specialist in this field? I live in NY, and was told that a Dr. Enlander was very good. Do you think that you're better off seeing someone like this than a rheumotologist, who I've been seeing for the fibro, w/other Drs for various symptoms.
    I would greatly appreciate any info or input about this condition.

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    It seems like you'd be ahead of the game to see a doctor who you KNOW is very knowledgeable about FM---whether he is a rheumy or whatever. Some people here have family practice doctors who they see & are very satisfied with because the doctors have educated themselves on FM & are empathetic & willing to work w/ the patient on a treatment plan. Others see neuros, rheumys, chiros------to me, the key is finding a doctor who listens, and who really KNOWS about FM (not just says they do). If this Dr. Enlander is reputed to be good & you know from other sources he treats a lot of FM patients, he might be worth a try----we've all been to too many appointments where the doctor started from the premise that FM doesn't exist, or had an appalling lack of knowledge about when you make an appointment, you should ask approx. how many patients with FM the doctor sees, & how many years he's been treating FM patients, to get some kind of sense of this doc's familiarity with the subject.

    Good luck to you, hope you find a great doctor!