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    Hi to everyone. I have a doctors appt. on friday the 7. this is the same family DR that diaonosed me with fibromyalgia in summer of 2002. She said, she knows very little about fibro. She has not tried to treat my fibro in any way. I need help with what to ask her about my treatment do i need to see a specialist for fibro. what other blood tests do i need to ask for. She has done ANA,and i think thyroid. Please any advice would be great.
    Also wanted to add i'm off all meds, and want to stay off them. what supplaments are best.

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    It took me over 5 years to find a doctor who would listen, so I know what it's like! Tons of thyroid/lupus tests later, I know I'm not crazy! What I did was research a site called I printed a copy of the symptoms and treatments, highlighted the ones I had, and took it to my doctor. This made him see! (I could never remember the questions/comments during my appointment). He put me on several meds, which I did not like. I did more research and found that hgh could be a major factor in fm. I've been taking it for a few months now and feel great! It could be worth a try for you. I get mine at GNC. It is a drink you have before bedtime. It costs between $55-$65 a month though. Good luck! Heather
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    thank you for your reply to my post.Its nice to know there are others out their that understand & reply. thank you for the advice i will give it a try.

    thanks again,

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    Great news that you are off meds. This is my goal this year to get off meds. I have decided I need to approch this with the guidance of a holistic professional.

    I need to get a little more time to catch up financial, but within 3-months I see myself starting towards NO MEDS.

    I think you should work with someone who knows holistic medicine, and can monitor your progress. What works for some may not work for you. If you can afford it this might be an ideal way for you to go.

    Good luck to you, let us know how it works out. I am so interested in getting off meds. 2-years ago I would have laughted if someone told me I would be thinking about giving up my meds, now I can't wait to trash them....