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    Hi there, some good friends of ours invitied my husband and my self to disney world in fla. for a week, now my problem with this dd , a nother problem came up congestive heart failure, all plans were already maded, my husband is a minister he really need the break. have any of you ever been on a long trip not for sick but vaction. I have all my meds I will be stopping ever 2 hours ,just need a little feed back because you guys and girls no your stuff better than any one eles. thanks motherjo
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    As long as you have everything you need for pain and other problems you should go. Don't over do it with yourself and have a wonderful time. I have done little things too where i was nervous and afraid to leave due to my health but surprisingly it was enjoyable and relaxing. You know your limits and be sure everyone else does too. Don't let anyone push you anymore then you can handle and have fun okay.
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    It's been in the 90's down here. Problem is, that when you go inside, they like to crank up the A/C so that you freeze. Biggest problem is going from the heat outside to the cold temps inside and then, back out into the heat. Brink a jacket to wear inside.

    I loooooove Disney World and I hope y'all have as much fun there as I do. The only bad thing is that it's hard to find decent food in the park. Right off main street on the left before you get to Walt and Mickey's statue is a full service restaurant, but you have to make reservations early in the day. In Epcot, you can eat decent foreign food across the lake, but again, you have to make reservations. I've had good German and Mexican food there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Don't let this illness stop you! Just be sensible....

    I moved cross country a year ago, & traveled 10-hour days in the car. I have also been on vacations to foreign countries (with hiking, bicycling) since FM. My best advice is, make a back-up plan for everything----one that your husband & companions agree to. That way, if you don't feel up to that morning's activities, you can always bow out without feeling like you are spoiling everyone's plans. I make sure my family knows how grateful I am that they support me & agree to this in advance, if only for my own peace of mind. And I have seldom ever needed to use my back-up plan, but it helps me to know it's there. Usually I have more fun than anyone!

    It also helps to not do strenuous activities back-to-back. If you are doing a lot of Disneyworld walking one day, plan a relaxing boat or train ride the next day, where you can spend a fair part of the day off your feet.

    And pack the most comfortable shoes you can! AND resist the urge to stay out too late---you'll need your sleep more.

    Have fun, & let us know how your trip goes!


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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I always think about this way. Whether you are in FL or your home state, you are still going to hurt, so you might as well have some fun. Get away for a vacation and do some resting, it will also let your husband rest. You can always stay at the hotel and sit in the hot tub all day while they are all out. Your husband and friends should understand. If by an off chance you feel good one or two days, then go out and treat yourself. You only live once! I hope everything works out.