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    Oh so blue, I went to see my doctor wed.9,17,2003 to get a shot for my knee, its acting up. and guess what my husband found when we were at the pay window? My paperwork from my disability lawyer who sent them to the office in june was attach to my files, my husband read them, so we made a comment and the clerk laugh and said that he would get to them next week.What should I do now? I love my doc he listen, and work with me, but he is slow. But I do need my paper work.
    your help is needed and I thank you motherjo
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    I owuld be calling my attorney and telling him of your discovery of the paperwork. Disability is a tough thing to fight and with your Doc not complying it may be tougher. Maybe he will have you contact the Doc personally and sk him to fill those out and spease send them in. So, sorry to hear this.
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    thanks I needed that. motherjo