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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Renae610, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    My 21 yr old daughter has been taking Burbur and Samento since March. She added Cumanda on May 9th and ramped up to 15 drops morning and evening and has stayed at that dose since July 23.

    In addition, from R.E., she is taking B12, Adrenal Complex, SBNC (SuperBalanced Neurotransmitter Complex), FemBalance,
    Grapefruit Seed Extract (just started), MagLink, and Trace Minerals Relax.

    From other sources, she takes Actifolate and FloraImmune (probiotics). She was taking Reishi but quit that for now.

    A year ago, she could not tolerate most meds and supplements. That's how hypersensitive she has been. So I feel she has made progress in the sense that she is now tolerating all of the current products. I have helped her do ion cleanses for a long time, and more recently started clay foot baths on a weekly basis. We do EDS (electrodermal screening) whenever she feels a need to, which is about every couple months.

    Problem is, she fears nothing is working. I have read on this board of some experiencing strong herxes from Samento and Cumanda, but my daughter is not sure that she's having any. Is Burbur working so well in buffering, or what?
    An N.D. that we contacted by e-mail said that we could do "live blood cell analysis" to check for progress, but I don't know where to find a place that does this. What else do you advise that we do??

    Thank you for your advice!

  2. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Hi Renae,

    I'm a little confused, is your daughter seeing a lyme doctor? I don't know what R.E. is...nor what you mean by "other sources".

    In terms of her illness, how long has she been ill? When did her treatment begin? What co-conditions or infections does she have? These all have a bearing on her treatment and condition.

    It sounds like she has been in treatment at least since last year, and has made progress in being able to tolerate herbs better. Treatment can take years, depending on the individual's situation.

    Regarding the Samento, Cumanda and Burbur, I stayed on those for several years, but I took them in addition to antibiotics and nutraceuticals, herbs and vitamins/minerals, and compounded pharmaceuticals (like for my thyroid). I'm better, but still have a way to go.

    My advice is to find a very good lyme literate doctor who can assess her, monitor her, treat her, support her, and help her get well.

    Good wishes,

  3. klutzo

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    I herxed on Cumanda, and herxed unbearably on Samento at first, until I lowered the dose. I have been on Samento for four years, since every time I stop it, I start having awful chills that keep me up all night. Burbur did not help me at all, so I switched to chlorella.

    A very small percentage of people never herx on anything, but I know someone who is almost totally well without herxing, after 4 years of antibiotics, lucky her! Your daughter may need to take more than most people in order to herx. Or, it may be the wrong protocol for your daughter. Has she had antibiotics yet? have you looked at the Buhner or Zhang Protocols?

    Way back when I started Samento, Nutramedix used to have a customer helper whom you could reach by phone. They no longer have him for legal reasons, I think. He told me they do not advise herxing, since it causes organ damage, but want you to raise the dose of Samento until you herx, then back down one drop and that is your perfect dose. Different people can do well on totally different doses. I take only 3 drops per day. I have known people to take as much as 30 drops twice daily.

    That reminds me of another issue. Is she taking the drops? They are 60 times stronger than capsules and a lot less expensive. Capsules did nothing to me.

    Has your daughter been tested for Lyme? As far as I know, the best test to monitor the progress of Lyme treatment is the CD57 blood test, but it must be done by the right lab. I think it is LabCorp, but am not can find out over at LymeNet. In fact, a low score on the CD57 blood test is a pretty good indicator of Lyme, since there is no other known disease that causes that to be low. CD57 is a component of the Natural Killer type of white blood cells.

    Good luck in getting to the bottom of this.....

  4. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Hopeful4, my daughter was diagnosed by an LLMD over a year ago but she could not tolerate the Teitlebaum protocal that was prescribed. Also, her new insurance doesn't cover the LLMD. So I contacted two places recommended by someone on this board and this got us started with Nutramedix products. By "other sources", I simply mean we use supplements from other companies too, which have tested out well on the EDS and she tolerates well.

    She has been chronically ill for 9 years, since a flu shot and virus in early 1999, and later, in 2000/2003 she had 2 tick bites (no bulls-eye rashes, Western Blot negative). In 2005, ELISA test showed no Lymes. It wasn't until last year, 2007, thanks to IgenX, she got diagnosed with Lymes, Babesia, HGE. Also has CFIDS, Leaky Gut, Sleep disorder, etc.

    Klutzo, my daughter is taking the drops, and yes, she had the CD57 test a year ago. The LLMD said her tests indicate that she should be able to recover quicker than many but that initially a very cautious approach would be needed since her body was not tolerating anything. Could not do antibiotics for that reason. It appears that the herbs have advanced her to being able to tolerate more and more supplements. Also, since she started Cumanda, her extremely painful menstrual periods have tamed down greatly-- Hurray for that!! But I'm just trying to figure out "why hasn't she herxed" and how do we proceed from here.

    Thanks for the insights you both provided.

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