Need advise from Madwolf fixed food allergies/or from bad gut eco

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    When you get time i know you are busy, but please address this Madwolf.. I've been tested 3 times by the ALLCAT delayted food sensitivties test, the l Cheney likes, it changes every time, they give you a menu with 4 day rotation diet,

    Asl i posted to annette on your original post of (if you wwere a doc)? that Dr. C looked at my numerous food senstivites and said "digestion, assimilation problem" of course i'm sure this is common in cfids and fms my primary dx is cfids developed more body pain as i've gotten sicker ovver 5 yrs.

    Lately i've been looking over Jordon Rubin N.MD. C.N.C. book Patient Heal Thyself, he devloped primal defense with soil organisms after nearly dying of chrohns and also had numerous food sensitivies cfs fms no iron was l04 lbs.

    After his D.C. dad sent him everywhere trying to find help, he sent him dirt to eat (looked like it) it was soil organisms from an eccentric dr. in sout CA so jordon went to live closer to this dr. and long story short, over time healed himself on back to bible diet, soil organism (HSO's) goat milk raw, fermented foods, organic, etc. he was young and had that going for him

    I wrote him a letter, after being TOLD it was impossible by his staff to talk to jordon now 29, he e mailed and will cal lme,

    TO THE point: i'm suffering nutritionally they have l00% predigested super foods in the pills no way to rotate them ie my concern, bu they use a fermentation and germination process and teh best products from around the world to break the foods down and yes they deal with people with severe chrons and digestive problmes and all kinds of people buy GOL products,

    I'm caught between trying to (not very successfulLY ) continute ot follow a very restrictive 4 day rotation diet and suffering nutritionally cuase of cfs pain fatige gut ecology and inablity to stay on diet, cause of severe food cravings,

    and trying the super food pill l00% pre digested as is primal defense (HSO's) and what he calls beyond regular pro biotics

    Cheney lst put me on P.D. and i quit it then now back on it at just 2 per day, GOL's basic protocol over 90 days is eventually 9 per day,

    it's replaces the sooil organisms we miss in today's farming practicies and pestiside produced foods

    well i can't go on too lenthy

    iF ANYONE gets time, i would invite them to read about HSO"s and GOL i can't put site on here so e mail me please

    if anyone is interested in looking and giving me an opinoin

    THANK you all

    Paul Mark