Need advise from medical folks, please!!!

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    Hi! I had surgery on my elbow on the 5th of this month. My problem was that when I had surgery last May apparently when the doc sewed up the incision, some tiny nerve endings got sewn up too. This has caused me lots of nerve pain in this arm. I kept going to see him every 4 months telling him something was not right.

    We did a EMG on the ulnar nerve & there was no damage.(He moved this nerve during last May's surgery). So he gave me a cortizone shot in that elbow. No relief. Then he said he'd have to open it up & snip away those tiny nerve endings that are sewn up in the incision. So that's what he did on the 5th.

    I know from the other 5 surgeries I've had on my elbows that numbness around the incision area can last up to 6 months or more.

    My problem is yesterday I noticed that I was going numb from my elbow to about halfway to my wrist. Didn't think too much of it. This morning when I woke up my arm is now numb to the wrist. Not the whole arm - just the inside. Surgery was on inside of elbow.

    Now my question; should I be concerned enough about this to call my docs emergency number today & ask him about it? Should I wait & call tomorrow? Or is this something normal that I just didn't experience with the other surgeries?

    Sorry this is so long, but felt I had to give a little background so you knew what was going on.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Take care.......Kathi
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    I just welcomed you on the other board.I think you should call the dr.If nothing else it will give you peace of mind.
    Love Donna
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    Hi, Kathi,

    I agree. I'm sure youyr doctor would want to know about it right away. There may be an area of pressure that needs to be tended, and the longer you wait on these things the higher the risk that he won't be able to help. Did he warn you about what to expect and what should prompt a phone call? This is a concern to take seriously until you can get a medical opinion.

    Hope you feel better soon,
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    The only thing they told me was if there was any excessive pain, swelling, discharge that I should call. I think since here it is 9pm. I'll just wait & call in the morning when his office opens.

    Or do you think it is serious enough that I should call now?

    Take care....Kathi