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    I don't have insurance since losing my job. Meds are very costly and I am looking for a better way. Let me say that I have been taking Oxycontin, Effexxor, Lorcet and Ambien or Xanax. I did get some Oxycodone because it is very cheap but it is not working very well. I go to the Dr. on Monday and will discuss new, affordable meds if there is such a thing.
    I went out today and bought some MSM, CO-Q10, B12 and Melatonin. I would like some advise and thoughts on these and other supps and vitamins.
    Just so you will know, I have taken 300mg Effexxor, 1 Lorcet(can't remember dose right now),4- 5mg Oxycodone and 4 extra str Tylenol today and have been in awful pain all day and in general felt like crap.
    The Oxycontin did work pretty good, but I can't afford $400 a month just for one med.
    One other thing and this may be stupid but here goes. I have been using some expectorant, which is guaifisan(I know that is not correct spelling but you get the idea). Could this have any herxing effect?
    Thanks for any responses.
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    Hi Phil,
    I don't know to aweful much about supplements, I take a multi vitamin a day, extra vitamin c, garlic supplement, guai, calcium and magnesium with zinc all in one tablet. I also take oxycontin, it has the same ingrediant as the oxycodone the only difference is that oxycontin is time released where oxycodone is a short acting med which is why you have to take more of them, plus oxycodone contains asprin or tylenol as the other ingrediant. I would talk to your doctor about giving me the Oxycodone but maybe in the 10/325 mg strength as it will give you more relief, it contains 10mg of the oxycodone and 325mg of tylenol. Be careful taking so much tylenol each day because its not good on your liver and if your taking lortab and the oxycodone both of those already have tylenol in them too so be careful. You can also see if you doctor will give you the lortab in the same mg form 10/325 lortab is hydrocodone which basically has the same effect as oxycodone. Most of the time the doc has you on 5/325 which isnt enough to take care of serious pain but having a 10/325 makes alot of difference. I hope that you find some relief.

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    Yes, the Guaifenesin does have a hexing effect, but I am not sure that the cough medicine would cause that. Mikie would be able to answer that one for you.

    I am going to put a list of the supplements I take at the end of this post, its easier than writing it all out for you. I just keep the list in my computer for posting.

    I have had great success with supplements.

    The only med I take is low dose Xanax, all else is supplements, herbs etc.

    If you are in that much pain, you might want to try a peroxide and epson salts bath. It won't cure you, but I can assure you of a goodnights sleep anyway! Heres the formula that I use;

    3 bottles of peroxide (large size)
    3 cups of Epson Salts

    Disolve in a tub of water as warm as you can stand. Soak for TWENTY MINUTES ONLY. When you get out of the tub, go to bed for at least a half hour, this makes you feel weak, or better yet go to bed for the night. Keep the bed warm with a heating pad, when you can get a 'wireless mattress heating pad' it is wonderful for that pain and the morning stiffness. Sear's Penny's and Walmart (on line) sells them.

    Heres what I take;
    I am mainly on supplements, herbs, vitamins, etc. The only med I take is Xanax, low dose (0.25 milligrams) at 6pm for racing brain syndrome. It can also be taken with OTC's Advil gel caps, the Xanax enhances the effect of the Advil, and it is a great pain reliever. BUT do keep in mind that Xanax can be very addictive if used consistantly.

    Xanax is an anti anxiety drug, a rather old one. It is addictive, but I only use it once a day, or if I feel an attack coming on.

    I have listed below what I take, hope it is helpful. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me, be glad to help.

    Shalom, Shirl

    Product; Pro Energy: Malic Acid & Magnesium Glycinate
    (I take one before breakfast, and one before lunch)
    This is for energy and pain.

    Product; Ultra B-Complex (High Potency with Folic Acid)
    (1 capsule after or during lunch) This helps with brain fog, and energy too.

    Product; 800IU's of Natural Vitamin E
    (For numbness, heart, blood etc)

    Product; Ester C 500 milligrams
    (antioxidant, helps prevent colds, virus etc.)

    Product; ZMA (zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B-6)
    For sleep, deep sleep also helps with muscle pains.
    (2 capsules at 10pm )

    Product; Jarro-Dophilus (Probotics)
    3 a day for IBS, replaces good bacteria

    Product; Melatonin (5milligrams)
    To help fall asleep, take right before bedtime.

    All the above can be bought from Pro Health, be sure to ask for a free catalog/Newsletter too. If you want to call the number is; 1-800-366-6056 or you can order on-line. Just go to the 'Store' link on the top right of this page for additional information on supplements.

    Product; Essiac Herbal Tea by Resperin Corp.
    This is a blood/liver cleanser. It is also known as a cancer cure/preventive.
    I take two ounces in the morning two ounces at night.
    Can be bought at most health food stores and Supplement catalogs.

    Product; Polynesian Pure Noni Juice
    (I take one teaspoon before breakfast, one before lunch for my IBS, it is a great product). I order it by the case!
    Can be bought in most health food stores, be sure you get the 'pure' juice or it won't work.

    Product; Natural Calm put out by 'Natural Vitality'
    This is a powdered Magnesium Citrate.
    (I take a teaspoon a day for pain, especially spasms . But don't take too much it will give you diarrhea).

    This is about it for the time being, as for a multi vitamin, I have trouble digesting them, so I drink two cans of Ensure a day for the multi.

    Also, I drink half my body weight in ounces of water per day, along with a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt. This has helped with severe sinus headaches, and it seems to have helped the Fibro Fog too.

    Here is some good advice; I strongly recommend you add ONE thing at a time for at least a week or two, this way if you have a problem with a product/supplement, you know what is causing it. If you try to take too much at once then if you have a problem, you would have to quit everything and start over again.
    I learned this the hard way, so though I would pass on this wise advice!

    It took me years to get the right things that I could take. Wasted a lot of money on eyerything from doctors, prescription meds, and vitamins and herbs too.

    Just remember, we are all different, so some of what I take might not be the right thing for you. It really is trial and error with these illnesses.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am usually here everyday, but not at a special time.

    PS, always buy the best supplements you can afford, as you really get what you pay for with supplements. Pro Health has some of the best ones I have ever taken, and I am not just promoting them, its the truth. I have taken there products before I ever heard of this board.

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    Guaifenesin does not cause one to Herx in the true sense of the concept, but it does cause one to feel worse before one feels better. The Guai does not kill off any pathogens but, according to Dr. St. Amand, it pulls phosphate debris out of our soft tissues where it has been deposited. These are our tender points and other areas in the body. Because the phosphate debris is in crystaline form, it is very painful when it is rapidly removed.

    Now, this whole treatment has not been without its critics. Those of us who have been helped by it know that it works. Someone posted an article recently which speculates that the Guai does work but not for the reasons that Dr. S. Amand originally theorized. All I care about is the fact that it does work.

    The Guai will cause Guai flares which can be painful when one reaches one's appropriate dose. This should cause cycling of flares in between periods of feeling better.

    You can go to Dr. S. A's website or get his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." Getting the book is absolutely necessary and understanding the protocol as well as eliminating sals (explained in the book) is critical to the success of the treatment.

    Love, Mikie
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    This Oxycodone doesn't have any Tylenol, which is why it is so cheap. The kind you are talking about is Percocet, which the Dr wanted to try but I was trying to save money and it is much more expensive. I may have to try it anyway. I understand about too much Tylenol but haven't had any choice lately.Thanks

    Thanks for your response. I had already copied your list but didn't have it with me when I went to the store and just bought some things that I could remember. One thing I was wondering about was about taking Melatonin with Effexxor or other prescrips. Thanks again.

    I will try to check out the protocol, but was wondering if the expectorant could cause me to feel bad or was it a different form. Just wondering. Thanks for responding.

    More responses about the supps I have would be much appreciated. I know there are more out there taking them. Thanks to all.