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    I went to a doctor last Friday for pain. I ended up seeing a PA, and she said that I don't have fm. I asked her why, and she said I don't show signs of the fm trigger points. I asked her why I keep having one problem after aother, and I get a different response from different doctors. I also asked her why she thought my psych was innacurate is is dx of fm. She wanted me to go through a complete physical, and a possible MRI of my head and neck. I am so confused now. I don't know what to do. I think I might just quit going to docotrs, and if I have terrible pain, go to the er. I hate the medical profession. I feel the medical professeion "killed" my mother with all their bureaucracy! I have had blood work done several times, and nothing ever shows up. I thought I had a handle on this, and now I don't. I realize that just going to doctors make me fell nervous,confused, and angry. Am I the only one that seems to have lacked confidence in the medical profession? I don't mean to insult anyone in this group that is in the medical profession, but I am "not right".
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    I also feel as if doctors confuse and anger me. Is this doctor knowledgeable of FMS? Some doctors are not, and some do not believe it FM. I live in Monroe, Mi and have really not received much help. I am now going to do research on doctors that know about FM before i go see them. I hope you do the same thing, and i hope everything works out for you and you get the answer to what is wrong.

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    If you have insurance, or the testing will cost you very little, I would let them do it, especially the MRI. I would kill to have an MRI of head, but I don't have insurance right now.

    Anyway, when everything is said and done they will come to the proper conclusions. Your tests will come back normal, that's the problem with these DDs, so don't get frustrated. Be sure and go to the library here and do some research. You have to know at least as much as they do about FMS and insist on seeing the doctor when you go back to go over your test results, rather than the PA. Also, ask for copies of all the lab test results and radiology reports, you have a right to them.

    You may want to consider asking for a referral to a Rheumatologist who is familiar with FMS - you may have to make some phone calls to check around first, so you can ask for a specific one. This would be your best choice for a managing physician.

    Also, if insurance is involved, you may need to check with them about going out of your physician network if the only FMS doctors are not in your plan. Tell them that you have a condition that requires the knowledge of this particular doctor and they will usually allow an override for the referral. And just so you know, if your doctor refuses to give you a referral, you can go directly to your insurance company with good cause and they will bypass your PCP altogether - I have done this before.


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    Cost over $1000.00 as far as I know.

    The medical profession can be very frustrating. New docs aren't enlightened to our dianoses. It's not on the top five or whatever. Very low on the scale of importance with them imho.

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    Go for the tests to make her little heart happy. She is just trying to do her job and see if there's something along the line which has been missed. One needn't have the tender spots to have FMS. That's just an arbitrary criterium set forth by the rheumies, who really know very little about FMS to begin with.

    I've been sick 12 years and didn't develop the typical tender spots until about 2 1/2 years ago. I suppose one could say I had CFIDS and then developed FMS because I do have both. In any case, I had docs telling me I didn't have FMS too. If all your tests come back neg., it will be pretty good evidence that you have some illness in this family.

    Docs don't like it when they can't put labels on illnesses and who can blame them. They are under a lot of pressure because of malpractice. Look at it as an opportunity to get everything rechecked.

    Love, Mikie