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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pawprints, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. pawprints

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    Hi All:

    Not sure if this topic is chit chat or not, but here goes.

    After a major rennovation, we are trying to organize our home bit by bit. So far we have gotten rid of alot of stuff we really don't need.

    Now I get to all my books about CFIDS/Fibro, diets, treatments etc. As well as my notes from certain doctors I saw and treatments I have tried.

    Boy...I have been through alot in these past 15 plus years. Unless I write a book ( which I know I won't do), I'm trying to figure out what to keep.

    I've read so many diets and treatments and most have not been right for me or I just haven't had the energy to be raw or Macrobiotic, etc.

    I guess all the notes are memories of these past years, but do I really need those memories.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. pawprints

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    You both sound like me. The funny thing is most of this has been boxed up in the attic for one year...due to the renovations. So I have not missed it, but when I reread some notes it made me realize I have been through alot!!

    So I almost want to keep the stuff...but then I think out with the old, in with the new.

    My husband said most of my books are probably outdated by now as far as medical information??? No decisions today about this stuff.

    I did throw out the information on EPD and NAET(both for allergy treatment) because neither worked for me at all.

    On the main board I posted that I am going to give Body Talk a try. I guess I'll have a new book and new notes.

    These type of problems are easy compared to decisions about medical treatments. I can't go really wrong either way!

    Regards, Shana
  3. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Hi. Couldn't you scan the notes and the info that is on individual sheets of paper and put that stuff on a CD? At least you would be volume reducing and could rationalize that you DID reduce the volume.

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