need all input...thanx.

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    Hi, gang
    I am recovering from the flu/cold crud..Its been about 4 weeks now and finally coming back to life. I was without the transfer factor for only three days and the bud nabbed me. I was so ill and no life. Ok...question to all.
    I take the reg./poly tf basics, 4000, 6000...Lets just cover it all and yes, have the most success with that.
    When ill tho I called and spoke with a top 4life gal/dist. and she encouraged me to no end how wonderful her potent kind of tf. was and we talked out a plan to get after this cfs/mycoplasma junk. I have read on my own of a myco. patient who took 6 pill a day of 4 life tf....and recovered from mycoplasma symptoms!...this was NOT on the 4Life post but rather I found this letter in a random search on some cfs site...This gal told me from 4life had so many stories to tell and recoveries. She admitted it does take a lot and a willingness to spend the money and stick with it. That is truth as we all know this. I just want to know what you all think and have any of you done what I did? How are you all doing on "your" transfer factor??? You all be encouraged today...esp. to the mycoplasma positive strong...take the tf. that works for you...and also may I add..that the herb "Olive Leaf" fantasic...take what you need to get rid of symptoms!...Blazer