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    Hi all,

    Well it has been a long time since I posted, I have so many questions and I know where to turn to get answers.
    First question , after all the meds the doctors prescribed I find myself on oxycontin (the only thing that helped me), I am not addicted and take the least amount I can (I have never been a pill popper ). I still continue to have severe flares that find me losing weeks , even months at a time.
    Question #1: Who is on oxy out there and for how long? Do you worry about side effects.
    Questions #2: How many of you had success with going off all pain meds and what were the results?
    Question #3: How many out there found themselves, jobless, losing everything and have attempted to make life better (as much as possible) and have you succeeded.
    and I quess my last question :
    how many of you have lost contact with everyone that was once in your life because of their ignorance about the fibro.
    People have taken advantage of me when I was my most vulnerable and as sick as I am I want to reclaim as much of my life as I can. I am sick of those that are in my life and took advantage of me and used it against me. The ones that were there through the whole thing and helped but are now using it against me and talking bad about me.

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    Hi Lin

    I am currently taking oxycontin and I've been on it for 5 1/2 years now. The starter dose for me was 40 mg twice a day. My doc also gave me tylox or percocet for breakthrough pain. In 2004 when I found out I was pregnant I decided to lower the dosage to 20 mg and both of my doc's agreed. I was so nervous and scared that my baby would become addicted but thank god he was not. Anyway, I've been on the 20 mg tablets ( I can take 2 or 3 pills a day) for over a year. I have tried to find another med that isn;t a narcotic but so fr I haven't found anything that works for me. The longest Ive gone without any pain meds has been 4 weeks and the pain was so intense that I broke down and called my doctor. I've also lost friends because I'm sick.
    They just can't understand what having this dx feels like. Sometimes it seems like they think that one day you'll be all better and that day never comes. But, Ive also pushed a few friends away simply because I don't have the energy to deal with their problems on top of mine. I know that's a terrible thing to do, and I'm not proud of it. Good Luck, I hope things turn around for you.

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    I hope you know we all understand what you are going through. No, Im not on oxycontin yet. My pain level just keeps going up, up, up. Im on loratab, ultram, flexeril, naproxen and darvocet. Its not working and I dont know what to do.

    Ive been going to this Rheumy for almost a yr but only see him every 3-4 mths so I dont feel he knows me. I have the most wonderful PC but I havent called him either. I dont think I can takdethis much longer. Im back to telling my wonderful husband that he will be better off without me. That scares him to death and I dont blame him. I will pray for you as I do for all of the board members.

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    I know it is not the same medicine, but I have been on Vicodin (hydrocodone) for a couple of years. I do not particularly worry about side effects, because it is the only thing I have found, so far, that relieves some of my pain and makes life bearable.

    A little of my background is probably in order. I am in my mid-fifties and was diagnosed with FM probably twenty years ago or more. I have tried various meds over the years with little success. The pain has become pretty much debiltating, especially now that it is coupled with arthritis. I have always led a life of physical labor in spite of the pain. I have also had an extremely bad back since my early twenties.

    I have been pretty much determined to continue to lead my life as I wish to lead it, although that has obviously become increasingly difficult over the years, thus I have finally resorted to narcotic pain meds. My activity level is a lot less than I would like it to be, but without help I don't think I would be doing much except writhing in agony, that's how badly I feel sometimes.

    I can't help you with parts 2, 3, and 4 of your question as they are not in my experience.

    I have one thing to say, though, because I feel rather strongly about it. I believe people that are in true, chronic pain are much less likely to become medication abusers. Obviously, I can't say that they never do, because there is always somebody that crosses the line. I feel that a great many of us just take enough to take the edge off the pain so we can function. It is so bloody frustrating not to be able to do anything because of pain. We just want something that will bring us up a little closer to "normal" standards.

    Just my take on things.