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    Hi all, haven't posted in quite awhile, but I need your help. Went to visit Santa today with my boys, and he was on the third floor. Only way to get there was to walk the three flights of stairs. I have never had any problems with my legs. My fibro gets me in neck , shoulder and back, and jaw area.

    After coming down the stairs, which may I add I felt fine going up and down, my legs just knotted up in the quad area, and they felt like I had no control over them. I took a minute and massaged them, and then they seemed to get better. Now they just seem tired.

    I am always worried that we are missing something since this diagnosis is so clinical.. I am 30 yrs old, and have been trying to have a 3rd child. I know call me crazy, but this is what we want.

    The big question is, does or has anyone had this happen, and what is it? I may have to call doc tomorrow just to get peace of mind.

    thanks in advance,

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    While I would always qualify any change that seems to significant to you should be reported to your doctor, I had the same thing happen. I've had FM for 2 1/2 years, and the primary target was upper body. Prior to this particular flare (which began around mid-October) I can't recall any difficulty with my legs. Now, they are in agony. The burning in them is so intense I can hardly bear it, and they get so fatigued and spastic I could scream. I've had two visits to my rheumy since the flare began, and she assures me that's all it is--welcome to fibro, she says (sympathetically, of course). Now we're just working on getting new meds right and massage therapy (which I HATE) to increase circulation. Yoga stretching, etc. So it doesn't sound unusual to me, but I'd still mention it to your doctor. Hope that helps put your mind at ease a little.
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    Thank you for the input. I know that at any given time this DD can make life miserable. I always pray that it doesn't affect my legs. I need them! Anyway, probably will call doc tomorrow just for peace of mind also. I am a worry wart. Things had been going so well, and I actually had a check up on Thursday night and he said he couldn't believe how well I was doing. Go figure. It is almost like a jinx. So hope others will respond as well. This site always gives good info.
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    My Fm has mostly been in my legs.But mine is worse going up any kind of incline or squating to pick something up.Some days are worse than others.Its just another Fm symptom we have to learn to live with.I think all Fm'ers worry alot because when we get a new pain,we this from the fm or something more serious and we already go to the doctor so often we worry that we will be called a hypocondriac. Hope you feel better soon. Spaz
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    Although my neck, shoulders, and arms are painful, and react to activity, it seems more tolerable than when my legs chime in.
    Perhaps it is because they are weight bearing. It doesn't take walking very far, or doing something repetive with them, such as squatting, for my quads to beg for relief.
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    i haven't walked up a flight of stairs in about a year. before then i could do it with intense pain - but now - no chance. if there isn't a lift, i don't go. ramps don't help because its almost as bad on any incline. its the reverse situation with me - always had bad pain in my legs and when my upper body started hurting i worried! its just this DD - sorry :( Have a good one.

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    This DD is scary sometimes isn't it? have had symtoms for 28 yrs, started in my arms while whipping mashed potatos,
    (had 6 children.) most dr.s related everything to stress. It is such a non descriptive thing stress , made me feel like a whinner...any we olders tend to ramble, it is a wonderful thing that you want a child. wish you God's speed, and if it mkes you feel better and gives you peace of mind, call your doctor for sure. that's what they are for,we need all the peace we can get, right! have had fms so bad at times that bed was the only thing that would hold me up. The hardest thing for me is that it has no visable signs and a lot of people don't understand. LOL 1maqt
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    hi misty, i know what you mean about the new symptoms ..mostly my legs bother me but then all of a sudden ill feel like someone smashed a hammer on my hand or shouder or something..its so wierd...oh well just the lovely fibro.