need answers - high muscle enzymes?

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    Anyone have high muscle enzyme test results? If so - after blood tests, what kind of tests did they do and what does the high muscle enzymes mean?
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    did they tell you which enzymes were elevated? If it was your total cpk this usually indicates muscle. this measures an enzyme that is released by the muscle when it is injured.It can be elevated by mutiple injections. There are specific enzymes that measure brain and heart. we usually order these test when a person comes into the emergency room with c/o chest pain. but if you only have muscle pain such as thigh pain and your urine is brownish colored and have a really high myoglobin you could have rhabdomyolysis which is the muscle releasing the enzymes. sometimes the cause is unknown but can be caused by excessive exercise,virus and some medicines. also can find it in people that have fallen and unable to move for a long period of time. The treatment is usually large amounts of IV fluids to flush the enzyme out to prevent damage to the kidneys. If that doesn't work they use temporary dialysis. Also i'm sure there are other things that can cause elevation, I hope this makes sense to you.This is my first reply to a post. I have really gotten lots of good info off this board and I thank all of the people that tell us about things that they have tried that did and didn't help. sorry this is so long.
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    for the info. I love this board. Someone always seems to have some kind of experience or information. I really appreciate the info. They definitely think it is muscle not liver related. I now have to have a Nerve Conduction Study. So much muscle pain and exhaustion.