need any info on treatment for alzheimers

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    my mother has just found out she does have alzheimers. her mother had it and died and her younger sister has it and now is in a nursing home and doesnt know who anyone is anymore. her onset came very fast. my mother is really scared and doesnt want to end up in a nursing home. we have told her we would not put her in one we will take care of her. i feel so helpless. is there anyone who knows of the best medicines to prolong it. help:( cyndi
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    This is a very difficult and personnal situation to decide the best form of early onset, which hopefully she is still at. There are several meds they use some work and help the progression. She probably should also get another opinion. There is also mental exercizes and diet changes. I in my opinion working with pts. if they are too far gone we may not be doing them any favors dragging out the inevitable. It is as you know very hard on families,emotonally and financially and physically. Now if it is early stages I say get as much help as soon as possible, go through the options, and then make decisions.Good Luck and blessing to you and your family. As of today there is not a cure but can buy time depending on progression.
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    hi thanks for sending back a reply its just nice to know theres people out there that understand. i dont use this computer very much other then im not to good on it but i think im going to need it alot more in the future to talk to someone thanks. my mom seems just like her old self today when i talked today. this doctor put her on aricept.but when i read up on it it doesnt sound like its the best. im trying to talk her into going to loma linda university to a specialist . thanks for you input cyndi
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    My MIL has early stage dementia of some sort and I got a free kit from an organization set up by Linda Dano, the soap opera star. She will send you booklets and a video that tells you what you need to know about AZ. We can't give out website URL's here, but if you do a search for Lind Dano, or Identify Alzheimers Disease Early (IDAD), you should be able to find it and order your free kit online. Hint: Try AlzheimersDisease with a dot com.
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    thanks so much for your info i am going to that site right now talk to again i hope thanks again so much cyndi
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    I don't have a day go by that I don't ask myself the question......are those cognitive deficits really from petit mal seiz. from the FMS are is it Altzheimers.

    Ever since I had my son mid-forties I continue to get kicked in the shins, if you know what I mean. Stubborn and foolish until hospital time I refused to accept anything could possibly be wrong with me; I have been blessed with a good life, short of my long standing depressive episodes. Why would I suddenly come up with a problem? PollyAnna Hello!

    I still wonder day by day. CactusLil'