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    This is my current and past symptom list with improvements (+) and worse(-)
    Hoshimotos thyroid noticeable with hair and skin, body TEMP is 96.7 was 98.8 back in the summer. Had hoshimotos for 2 years or longer. Never taken meds
    CFS was very bad - and now is once every 10-21 days
    Crohn's in remission for 8 years, 6MP med kept it in check but side effects noticeable. Off now. Maintain weight eat very clean.
    Joint ache/popping -
    muscular weakness was a --- now slightly improved but noticeable still always in left shoulder and now posb right
    depression, anxiety, memory, confusion, brain fog, concentration probs, all are better but as of late some come on strong then go away then next month resurface. depression was a - - - - and saw a therapist for 4 years and took antidepressants and anxiety/panic drugs.
    Brain fog was horrible 2 years ago when drinking
    crawling and tingling feeling in face, arms, legs, sometimes gets like a electric pain.
    soles of feet burn and dry sometimes,
    hotflashes, chills, night sweats, sweating excessively working out , are about the same. Used to be very bad and now are just consistent.
    abdominal pain, cramps, very little if any
    constipation and diarrhea occasional sometimes 2times a week.
    eye twitching, face somewhat uneven on one side +
    muscle spasms obvious Mag deficiency and still there. take CALM
    insomnia occasional
    neck pain and spinal misalignment - - seems like my back is always able to crack.
    many more but this is the idea.
    Treatment: acupuncture, natural herbs, probiotics, immune boosters, clean diet.
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    Hi Alex, I have had your symptoms. From the looks of it, I believe I've had all your symptoms besides the Crohn's diagnosis. I found out in May I have Lyme disease-when my heart started to fail-after at least 23 years of having the disease. I was always diagnosed w/ depression and then CFS. The Good news is I am doing much better. I literally thought I was going to die and was preparing for it. I am going to list simply my greatest helpers 1. Diflucan - after the initial ER visit with intense herxes. 2. Zithromycin 3. Valcyte for co-infections -could not tolerate this med until after I had my PIC LINE in w/ IV antibiotics. Had to beat the Lyme down first and now it really helps me. I should add I have CMV and EBV co-infections. Then B6 and B12 in the biologically active forms, zinc, manganese-once in awhile and IODINE from a good source. Iodine stopped my hair from falling out and I actually have new growth. You'd need to check if it's safe for you to take with your history though. I started it for and enlarged Thyroid gland.

    This is a brief synopsis but there is hope. Just remember a negative Lyme test does not mean you don't have Lyme. Truesun
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    I think you have lyme disease and it is late stage I have everything you have but chrons and alot more symptoms everyday is a struggle but my hommies keep me up on these boards i am currently taking Zithromycin and nystatin and plan on adding aleast one more antibitic tomm. Keep in touch Alexfukyeast
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    You wrote "Treatment: acupuncture, natural herbs, probiotics, immune boosters, clean diet."

    If you have lyme disease, this is a start of what would constitute treatment. I was doing that and more, but still getting worse. It took a LLMD getting me on ABX (#1 help), hormonal support, sleep aids, among many other suggestions and supplements, to see improvement. I had worse symptoms for a year before I saw substantial improvement.

    I hope you find a LLMD to help you find out what's going on. It may not be lyme, but a LLMD will spend the time to figure out what you have. Have any other doctors done elimination testing for you?

    It sure looks like lyme to me. If you go to flash medical questions, they allow private messaging, and you could get names of LLMDs in your area.