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    I have been looking in to finding some thing else to ease the constant pain in my back , hip, thighs ect. I woule love to have a massage but my medicare does not pay for them strange No co-pay? can't think why not? I learned the hard way that we { hubby &I } are poor just not poor enough to receive any help. I broke a tooth and found a dentist that use's a sliding fee scale. wow I thought this is great. But I can't get any one to understand or listen to me that my husband does not pay a cent towards any of my medical bills, costs, dental bills , glasses ect. I have to pay for my own from my really Large disability check. $ 311.10 But that is not how doctors , dentists or the financial aid people understand. They see what my hubby makes adn what I bring home and with the two of them we make over the allowed amount. I tried my darnedest to expalin to them thaaat I am respondsible for my medical bills NOt my husband.
    My husband's job is finally past his 90 day waiting period now hequalifies for insurance but they have a $ 1500.00- 2000.00 deductalbe that has to be paid before any bill is paid. To put me on his insurance it would cost him over $400.00 a month and then there is the deductable. I have co pay s with my AARP ins medicare and but I dont' hvae any dental or vision.

    I know that the people don't belive me that my husband will not apy for any of my medical expences but it is true. He struggles to pay for his scripts for insulin, insulin pump, test strips, pump supplies run him over $300.00 a month so he does not have the money to help me out. I see this and I wish it was different but it is not.
    I need a new pain doctor but I can't find one that will treat me with the same meds I am on now and not want to hvae injections that cost a small fourtune adn may or may not help, I dont' have the money. I learned that my AARP has a strange glich when it comes to imunizations, a few months ago I stabbed my self getting a pit out of an advacado and needed a tetnus shot. I just learned that the insurnace does not pay for it I have to file for re-emburesement. I have to pay $80.00 for the tetnus perscription anda $56.00 for the injection. I don't have the money to pay this all at once inorder to file for reembusement. it will take up to 2-3 weeks to get the mo ney.
    I am up a creek with out a paddle if i needed surgery and had to stay in the hosptial. I don't have the money to pay for the co-pay's and teh room expence for the first 7 days.

    I don't know how to get my doctors to understnad that when i tell them my husband does not pay for my medical bills I mean it. I have to and I don't have the money to pay for all my expence's. I have been flaring so badly from thjis added stress. I broke a tooth and it could cost me $35.00 to $350.00 depending on how hard it is to extract. and since teh back of my tooth broke off at the gum line it is going to be a bit harder to pull it. And then I dont' have any money to pay for the dental work I need to keep wwhat teeth i have. Like I said I am poor but not poor enough.
    I live in a world of pain with no way to get out. I can't ask my rehumy to up my pain meds cause he does not want me on as high a does as i am on now. There are NO pain doctors here in the valley where I live. I would have to drive over a 100 milles to find a doctor and i still don'tknow how to find a good one that muy insurance will pay for.
    I can't take this constant pain I am living with now , all the stress's of the past year have caught up with me, hubby losing his job in Feb of 09 and dind't find a new job till the end of Dec 09. It is a huge pay cut from what he made before the lay off. I am on disability and can't work, with me flairing so much and my pain so bad I cna't seem ot find a part time job for 10 hours max a week/ I want to cry because I ma in so much pain now and I cna't sleep in my new bed. before we moved we had an old water bed that was so comfy for me to sleep on but it had a leakage problem on my husbands side. So we had to buy a nroaml sring bed. While it feels soft for a while it makes me ache when i sleep in it.
    Sorry for the novel.
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    Your story is so heartbreaking and depicts all that is wrong with our
    healthcare and disability system! I asked in your other post whether
    you could get to a pain specialist, but I see you live very far from one,
    and the expenses would be a real hardship for you and your hubby.

    You have Medicare; why are you paying for AARP insurance? It is
    high cost from what I've heard, isn't it? Does it help you that much?

    I hope the new healthcare reform bill helps families like yours, where
    you are above income limits for more help, but need the help!

    Read my other reply on your other post, and see if you can find
    something to help the pain. Also, about the bed: if you have extra
    quilt or comforter you can fold and put under the sheet on just
    your side of the bed, it might help with the comfort level.

    Hugs amany,
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    Hi I live in Ut too. I was going to give u the name of my doc who will give me pain meds,but isnt good for much else. Shoot your in Logan I'm in Sl.

    Understand where u are coming from trying to afford the services you need,am in the same boat. need major dental work and cant get it done.

    someone suggested going to a dental school. Does Ogden have a Walmart where some meds are 4.00? ck with aarp thought there were programs now for help with insulin stuff.

    maybe ck for a cheap memory foam pad? also try proping up to sleep
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're in a tough spot again.

    It doesn't surprise me that it makes no difference to Dr.'s offices (or any other creditors) WHO in your household actually pays the bills, they assume it's pretty much your problem if your husband won't/can't help you.
    CAN your husband help you out at all or would he if he could? I can't tell by the way you've written it.
    How are you paying for your meds right now? I'm assuming Medicare or your AARP is covering your prescriptions.
    My ins. doesn't cover massages either so you're not alone there.

    I drive about an hour to see my Dr. (one way). I have to pick up my prescriptions too, so it's not just for visits. What he does for me, thankfully is write me two months worth of scripts - so I end up driving there once every two months. It stinks, but it is what I have to do to see a good Dr.

    Thank goodness your husband now qualifies for insurance through his work. Won't his insurance cover some of his costs so that there is extra money to cover some of your medical needs?
    Are you sure that prescriptions apply to his deductible? (or is that what you even meant?) I'd write out how much you're spending out of pocket on things for you including your secondary insurance premiums and see if it might be worth it to be put on his insurance.

    Although - I do not know much about Medicare - does it not cover many of the things you need or is it pretty particular about what it covers? I don't know how much more coverage one needs.

    Isn't it time one of your kids steps up to help out a little. I know that you have bent over backwards for them time and time again. I'm not even talking about helping you out financially necessarily, but can they help you locate a good Dr.? clean your house, grocery shop, something to take some burden off of you?

    Again, I'm really sorry, but don't expect it to matter that you pay your own medical bills and your husband doesn't help you, it's not that they don't "believe' you, it's just that it doesn't matter. You're married, he's equally responsible- just like your combined income is used in determining your qualifications for financial aid. If you were to tell them he doesn't pay for much, they wont care either. It's unfortunate, I know.

    I've also been where you are. My husband lost a great job, was out of work for almost 2 years and when he finally got a job he took a HUGE pay cut. We're just thankful he found work. It's a pretty sad state out there!

    Google some Pain Dr.s/Pain Management (does your Dr. have any referrals for you) even rheumatologists around you. They might be a little ways away, but it might be worth it!


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    My husband was laid off for most of last year {2009} When he found a new job it's pay was much lower than the previous job, and it's insurance is horrialbe. YOu have a $1500.00 deductalbe that must be paid before it will work. It includes dental. IT will cost him $400.00 to pu t me on it and I have AARP medicare approved insurance, It is medicare plan with less hassle than regualar medicare. I don't have to pay any thing more than my $96.40 medicare payment. I get better medical coverage for hospital, Doctor visists , I have to pay $10.00 doe my GP and $30.00 for my rehumy. This is a form of medicare that I chose because of teh extra benifits that help me. Sadly medicare and all it's other plans don't cover dental , vision. But I have really good script rates. INstead of paying $88.00 a month like I did last year I pay $37.00 a month for 5 scripts.

    with my husband 's new job and the huge pay cut he took because he needed a job makes it impossialbe for him to pay my medical bills along with his diebeties meds, supplies, ect. He has to pay for his own supplies for his test strips, infusion pump, tubing all of it and it is really spendy. It is not covered by his insurance till after the $1500.00 has been paid and then it does not pay for it all.

    I can't afford a pain specialist, the one that was here lost his lience for a month or two and then he will be able to work again. But he is not on the list of doctors that my inssuracne will pay for. And I can't afford to pay a $100.00 a visit.

    My husband does the best he can with teh limtied amount of money he gets paid with. I make him sound bad some times because it stress's me out that he can't help me out. He is struggleing with type 1 dibeties and due to all the stress he is under he can't get his sugars lto stay lower. I would rather that he be healthy than have him pay my bills. HE pay for the rent , food, lights every thing that it takes to run a house hold. and I am so thankful for that. I have not had to worry about bills beign late. becase he is paying all the bills he can and should be
    I do get frustrated when I need help with money and there is no meny left over to help me but I know that he is trying to do the best he can. I am sorry if I have given yo the impression that he is not helping me out at all and is a bum. Because he is a really good husband adn would help out if he had the money to do so. Sorry for making him sound so bad. The stress's of this past year have gotten to me too. I hurt more and am much more stressed as wel. and i find I taeke itout on him. Sorry for the misunderstanding.