Need braces on teeth at 47? Do I bother???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Chelz

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    Hello everyone, have not been on the boards in a long time, glad to be back. I just went to a dentist after staying away from them for 22 years, LOL.

    I had extreme dental anxiety after a bad experience when I was 8, then I wore braces for 3 years, then lost my insurance, hence the 22 year long wait.

    I finally musted up the courage and went to a new dentist that a co-worker recommened for me. I was astonished at how healthy my teeth are according to the dentist and hygenist. The problem? I was born without two teeth which the original orthodontist never told me, and now my teeth have spaced apart again. I wore a retainer for only 2 years, but that was back in 1983.

    My teeth are not that spaced and I was so surprised when the dentist told me I needed braces??? I just thought that 30 years later, they would be able to do something for my teeth other than give me braces, I was upset by it. I did have an orthodontist consultation and the doctor quoted me $5,800. and 18 months of treatment, I was floored, I really thought with all the "new" dental procedures nowadays, I wouldn't have to go back to tinsel teeth and train tracks for my mouth, LOL. I know this is not a FM topic, just wanted to share, it's kind of funny, but sad too. I can't afford this at all.

    On the other hand, my teeth are so strong, with minimal cavities or problems after 22 years. I must have brushed like crazy to avoid this. Hugs, Chelz
  2. sunflowergirl

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    I also am dental phobic due to a dental trainee glueing my mouth shut when taking an impression. The dentist had to come in and put his knee on my chest and use both hands to pop open my mouth. I had a dislocated jaw for over 6 months and the PAIN was unbelievable. I should have sued but anxiety for years told me forget it. That was the start of major FM.

    As to braces at your age I have to say.....Ka ching, ka ching.......a nice payment on his new BMW! How about dental caps? But then I know that's pretty expensive too.
  3. Chelz

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    Sunflowergirl, that is horrible what happend to you? It just shows one bad dental visit can haunt you for a long long time :(

    Jaminhealth, can you imagine my surprise to actually have a dentist use the word "healthy" on me???????? LOL, I don't hear that too often from the Fibro doctors, such a strange thing with my teeth. I know I stayed away for so long, it was an act of bravery just to tell them "Hey, I haven't been to one of you guys since 1990" .

    As far as the braces go?? You are both right, ka ching ka ching, what a shame, the orthodontist office was DECKED OUT to the max, must be all that $5,800. worth of braces, LOL. Highway robbery is more like it.

    Dental caps were never mentioned, but again, my space is kind of weird, it is not that open, but it is noticeable. Hugs, Chelz.
  4. SherylS

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    I chose to have braces two years ago--don't know what I was thinking! I had already been ill with CFS for 4 years. First I had partial braces on just a couple teeth, very uncomfortable and was feeling worse. Then got my invisaligns in. Within 12 hours I was extremely ill!! Waited a month and tried again with same terrible results. Have been worse ever since. At least the orthodontist was very nice and refunded most of my money. If your teeth aren't bothering you I would say forget it. Our bodies are so sensitive it just isn't worth it.
  5. MicheleK

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    Wow! I thought I was bad not having seen a dentist now for 7 years. I'm just too sick to go. And when I do get a decent day the last place I want to spend that little bit of time is in a dental chair. I go see my grandson.

    But I really should go. I had two crowns that fell out and are in a baggie, but I think it's been a while and they may not fit anymore.

    Dental work is so expensive. We talk a lot about how expensive doctors are but I think dentistry takes the cake.

    Sheryl, I am sorry you had an awful experience with getting braces. My teeth are crooked but I've lived with them this long, I can live with them crooked for the duration. I agree our bodies are so sensitive it just isn't worth it.
  6. Saoirse3

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    They have these invisible braces now, that you can't even see, so you don't have to look like an X-Box game! (sorry, I was called "metal mouth" and "antenna head" when I was a kid!). Maybe the dentist could work out a payment plan for you, or that service that Jam mentioned might be an option. I feel for you, as I am undergoing extensive work now and have to go get the work done, then run to the hospital for a platelet infusion. Yuck!

    Soft hugs,