need cataract surgery - local or general anaesthetic????

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    I need to have cataract surgery in one eye in April, and the Dr. thought I should have a general rather than a local because of the anxiety it would provoke in with a local. I guess someone coming at me with sharp instruments might be anxiety provoking.......LOL I seem to have sensitivities to so many drugs and, in fact, I believe I may have drug induced Lupus due to taking hydrochlorothiazide for about five years for hypertension, so have stopped taking that two days ago and have spironolactone to replace it if my BP goes up. Any ideas??? Anybody??? Thanks for your input. Marie
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    Hi. I'm not sure if my answer will help you or not but I'll try. I haven't had cataract surgery but my husband has. He doesn't have FM but he was awake during the entire surgery. He said they give you something to sort of relax you and then they numb your eye. He is really really sensitive about his eyes and he couldn't imagine having surgery awake but he said it was all right. It was laser surgery. As a matter of fact, when they were almost finished, they let me go back to the waiting area where they would bring him and there was a TV screen and I got to see them finishing up his surgery! He was alert when he came to recovery, they checked his blood pressure, gave him some ginger ale and some crackers and we were on our way home in no time. Good luck to you. Like I said, I don't know if this helped or not but I'm sure you'll do fine.
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    I look at this from two sides -

    If you're awake, I think the docs and nurses are a little more mindful that you're an actual person that they're performing a procedure on. It kicks the OR atmosphere up a little notch.

    If you are completely freaked out by the idea of having any kind of surgery at all, never mind on your eyes, then it may be better for your peace of mind to be asleep. The anxiety and stress of you being awake may do more to compromise your state of health (blood pressure, immune system, etc.) then if you just conk out and they get it done.

    That being said, both my grandmothers and one of my coworkers have had the procedures done on both eyes and both were awake.

    Not sure if I helped, but good luck.
    Madame Curie

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    Me, I want to me asleep for every thing, well, everything where they are going to use sharp objects on me!

    On the other hand, my mom was not only awake during her cataract surgery she drove herself there and back. She was on jury duty when she had the second one done. The judge wanted to reconvene at 8 and asked if anyone couldn't make it. Mom told him she had cataract surgery at 6:30 so he changed the time to be back in court to 9:30. She had the surgery and drove herself to court!

    So I was no help whatsoever!


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    My problem is basically that I am very sensitive with anyone doing anything with my eyes just like your husband. It's difficult for anyone to put in eye drops for instance without me being very jumpy. Now with laser surgery, they don't come at you with sharp objects do they? I think I am going to opt for, or certainly talk about doing the surgery with a local, but with some sedation rather than anaesthetic. I am worried about the anaesthetic making me bedbound for days or weeks due to my CFS. But, then, maybe being awake will cause worse post exertional malaise. Decisions, decisions. To sleep or not sleep, that is the question..... Your comment about me being a real person in the O.R. was a good one, Madam Currie. Thanks all, Marie
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