Need constipation remedy fast , Please! Opiate induced

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hi all, need some ideas here for opiate induced constipation, i have tried everything I can think of and no go for 5 days! I ve tried laxative pills, stool softners, suppositories, even enema... nothing! i take morphine long acting and immediate release morphine three times a day. I have even cut the morphine doses down over the last few months alot and just suffer with the pain as the constipation is such a problem. i would appreciate any responses, thanks and God Bless
  2. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I see that you mentioned the stool softeners but I wondered if you might have needed a higher dose. I used the vegetable based ones...senokot?? I started with two daily and moved it up one pill daily until I found the right mix.

    As a quick remedy...good old prunes work wonders:)

    Take Care!
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  3. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I'm having the same problem due to meds...

    I've taken Miralax, Metamucil, Senokot, Colace, and Glycerine Suppositories with varying results. Miralax was recommended by the doc that did my colonoscopy a couple of yrs ago, it's over the counter now.

    I must say tho, Milk of Magnesia has given me major relief in the past. I learned about it while in the hospital, never had it before that. I only take half of the suggested dose now cuz the full dose was too strong...lets just say it was rather explosive;).....LOL...gotta keep our sense of humor here!

    My sister also swears by drinking warm water first thing in the morning. I guess I should try that one too.

    I was actually just reading about colonics, I'm sure I could use a good cleansing. I just wonder how uncomfortable they are, it doesn't sound very pleasant! But they are the popular thing to do these days from what I read.

    xoxo Hermit
  4. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    and it's awful!! i can hardly take any pain med cause of it. but i started drinking kefir about 2 months ago and things are MUCH!! better. you can buy it or make your own. thats what i do, i bought the kefir grains on line, and make it with reg old milk, when its done i mix a little stevia & pomegranate juice in it & its like drinking a good belly or a probiotic drink.

    without it i couldnt take my pain meds, and like you i tried everything!! it's good for you ,cheap & does the trick.
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    My doctor gave it to me about 4 months ago and I took as recommended every day for 1st week. Now I take it about every 3-4 days. Mine is induced by opiants too.
  6. luckyman

    luckyman New Member

    Stop cold on the opiates, and eat lots of trail mix, bran muffins..., and drink plenty of water. When the pain gets really intense, your other problem solves itself, then start back on the opiates to ease your pain and regulate your system. Works every time for me.
  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Please try Miralax. It used to be prescription only but is now OTC. It is easy to use, no bad taste and it will work. It puts water in your colon. My doctor recommended it years ago.

    Secondly, take a stool softener every night with your Miralax -

    If you can eat a bowl of cereal each night - I used Honey Nut Almond or something like that. You can also try Strawberry Fields - organic and delicious.

    Another product I use is Acacia Fiber. I bought is over the internet. It does not cause any bloating and works.

    Keep Fleet Enema's on hand. After using one, save the container and wash it off. You can use it for a warm water enema to help you get going.[This Message was Edited on 09/14/2009]
  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Prune juice, prune juice, prune juice.....along with the other suggestions. Mom had to have something a few times a day while in the hospital. She had that and Miralax and also Senekot I believe. She was hurting terribly. They make prune yogurt as well. Stay away from anything 'binding'....cheese, bananas etc.

    I wouldn't stop your meds cold turkey. That could send you into horrible withdrawals if you're been on them for a while. If you're already cutting back that's great - IF you can cut back more, great as well. Also you take them for pain, your pain isn't going to disappear overnight because you're constipated.

    I know how awful it can be. I used to have IBS - C. I wouldn't "GO" go for 5 -7 days and would be in horrible pain. Then it turned into IBS - D (diarrhea) OH MY. Now I'm actually "normal", because of my meds believe it or not.

    I hope you find relief SOON. Keep us posted on what works/worked for you!

  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I might call your Dr. or even pharmacist if you have a relationship with them - they might have some great suggestions for you!
  10. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    the need to respond, as this is one of my major problems. First, if you haven't gone in five days, you need to do an enema; hold it for as long as you can, the last one I did I held for 45 minutes. Yes, I said, 45 minutes!! I got up, went and smoked, etc. if you can believe that, but I was so backed up. Next, take the Miralax. It is the only thing that has helped me. It will take three to five days of taking it to work, but then you're regular and its maintanance (sp?). I even had to quit taking it for a few days because I was going so much. I didn't think it was working, but was wrong!
    Good luck, constipation is the pits!
  11. loto

    loto Member

    stool softener with stimulant every nite at bedtime or I have constipation also. My gyno told me to do it, that chronic constipation is definitely not good,(of course I knew this)but didn't know I should take stuff daily for it.
    In my case the colon cleanser does not agree with me. It makes me to sick to my stomach and my stomach hurt too much. Don't know if it's due to my acid reflux or what, but that's my experience with that type of cleaning out!!
    I also get relief when i eat salsa!!!! LOL, it really makes me go!!!
  12. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Believe it or not Psyllium like what's in Metamucil can help with constipation and/or diarrhea. It acts in multiple directions as a health aid and rebalances you.

    You might want to try Smooth Move tea by Traditional Medicinals. You can get it at most grocery and health food stores and also online.

    You might try a Magnesium supplement too and make sure you're drinking lots of water all the time.

    Good luck,
  13. grannyc

    grannyc New Member

    Most of us with these illnesses are low in magnesium anyway. I always take 2 - 200mg. of magnesium citrate every day. But when elimination slows down I up it to 3 of them at a time. Works every time for me. Will be good for you too. Hope it works. Cindy
  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Can someone tell me if you can take Miralax every single day and the recommended dose?

    Thank you.

  15. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    This happens to me ALOT. The one thing that is tried and true, and my doctor recommended it is a FLEETS KIT#3. Now wait, let me explain......My doc said ONLY drink the liquid in the kit -dont do anything else.

    Within 3-4 hours (maybe less) that liquid will kick in and you will definitely be rid of all and everything you have in your intestines.
  16. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    is one capful every day in 4 -6 oz liquid; I put mine in vitamin water (4 oz) or less, shake well and drink-you can't even taste it! It took four of five days to work, but you'll be regular!
  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I've been wanting to try Miralax. Now I will.

    :) Fay
  18. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    are quite welcome Fay! Good Luck.
  19. Empower

    Empower New Member


    Also, don't mean to get graphic, but when you are in the bathroom, prop your feet up on something elevated like an overturned wastebasket (feet flat on the basket) It helps
  20. chyrelleann

    chyrelleann New Member

    Good old fashioned remedy that works and is safe for you.


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