Need courage to research writing off school loans

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Honora88, Aug 9, 2008.

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    I feel a deep sense of guilt and feeling that my dr won't support me in writing off school loans. I should research it before I present it to my primary care wouldn't sign off on it when I asked her earlier.

    After feeling rejected, I feel my rhumy won't support me either.

    I feel I don't deserve it although this doesn't make sense since I've been sick for 2 years.

    I can't seem to make any decisions around this. I can only take off another year before I lose matriculation at my school.

    The school loans would get cancelled two years from the day my doc signs the paperwork. I have already been sick for two years so it would be 4 years after getting sick that I get my loans waived.

    However, what if I am so much better by then that I can go back to school? I feel this email isn't very clear and having a lot of brain fog around this. It was easy asking for SSDI because the question was if I felt I would be sick for the next year and I really believed I would be still ill. However, in my mind I still believe that I will be healed and I cannot accept anything otherwise. My hope has been that by two years I will be strong enough. It puts me in an ethical dilemia however, what if I am not healed by then? I'll be stuck with all these loans.

    I thought about giving school at try to see how I do and take one course a semester to see if I can even do it. I would be paying cash though because at this point I already have 89,000 in loans with a high interest.

    Any advice?
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    I'm trying to understand. Are you attempting to have school loans dismissed yet you are going to continue to go to school and make more loans? What will happen with the future loans? What are you majoring in? Will you be able to be gainfully employed after graduation or are you disabled?
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    I keep thinking I'll be cured within two years. No I wouldn't be taking more loans. Just taking one class a semester and paying cash. I don't know if I will be able to be ganifully employed since I can't predict how I will be 2 years from now.

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    if you are still able to attend school they will not forgive your loans. You need to be fully disabled for them to forgive them. Why do you think you will be cured within 2 years? If there is a chance you will not remain in if you have the prognosis of getting better then they will not dismiss your loans...if you yourself are expecting to get better then I can't see how your doctors would feel comfortable signing and I can't see where they will forgive the loan.
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    their student loans dismissed, and I've bumped that post. If it's not still on the first page, you can find it by search, just put in "student" in search box.
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    Hi ktn105,

    I'm the person that recently wrote about my husband's student loan being dismissed. I am also in the process of trying to have mine dismissed for disability.

    Here's my advice: GO FOR IT! The fact is that AT THIS TIME (none of us know the future), you are ill, you are disabled, you are unable to work and pay back your loan.

    I'm assuming that these are federally insured student loans. I'm not sure I have all the facts, but I believe that if your loan is dismissed, they kind of follow you for a three year period following the dismissal. If during that time you become able to work or attend school, they may re-instate the loan.

    So, where is there room for guilt here? If you are disabled it's dismissed. If at some point within 3 years you are "able", it's back to payments.

    This all being said, the loans are usually difficult to have dismissed. Also, when you call the toll free number, each different person you talk to may tell you something different.

    To get the paperwork started:


    Or by going to

    or by calling the toll-free phone number of the place you send your payments to.

    It’s critical to have a supportive doctor. The doctor must state on the form what your diagnosis is, and how it prevents you from working. My first application was rejected, so recently I had my doctor write a detailed letter to explain with examples of why I cannot work. It’s still being reviewed.

    Then, once you have everything completed, cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “I’s”. Be sure to send them the ORIGINAL documents with ORIGINAL signatures (yours and doctor’s). Do not FAX, it will be rejected. I recommend sending it by certified mail, that will require them to sign upon receipt of the letter. When sending certified, you cannot send to a P.O. Box, so call them for the proper mailing address.

    Most of all, NEVER GIVE UP! When I say that I mean that you deserve to have this dismissed, it may take some work and perserverance. I also mean, keep trying to heal, and live the life you hope for.

    Well wishes,

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  8. kellygirl

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    and I pay a monthly school loan, which I really cannot afford. I have stopped them a few times and end up with more of a payment (can't remember what that is called).

    But, each time I do this, they add more onto the monthly payment! I will be in retirement age and still paying on a student loan!!!!

    Is there anything I can do?

    I feel this country makes it almost impossible for their citizens to be educated. It is a very unfair system.

    I still have my papers filed for disability. I read if I can only work the 20 hours, I am not gainfully employed and may be eligible for some money. I am not sure of this either.
  9. dragon06

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    I agree with you that if you are disabled right now that there is a chance that they would forgive the loan. However, ktn105 said that they would still be attending school, 1 class at a time and paying cash for the classes. In that case...I believe they would not forgive the loan...if you are still attending school. Same as for SSDI you have to be unable to work for 6 months before applying or before getting approved (I forget which) then I think you would need to prove you could not attend school at all before they would forgive it.

    As a side note...I know from my roommate being on disability...that if you are on SSI or SSDI that it is easier to get federal loans dismissed.

    They are pretty strict on who they will dismiss these loans for...just like they can't be forgiven for bankruptcy.

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