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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. lenasvn

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    My extreme fatigue started about 2 years ago. It was so paralyzing that I felt I had to focus to even breath. I often had to lie down on the floor to play with my daughter (now 16 months) and my 6 year old son. My body feels like it's sleeping while I'm up, the feeling of lack of oxygen in my body and an all over body heaviness that is out of this world. Sleeping at night does good sometimes, other times not. Cronic pain in neck, base of scull, carpal tunnel in my right arm. Brainfog like if my system was in a sleepmode. I had a doc that told me to go home and take Ibuprofen. Bah! I am going to a new physician on Tuesday (one my children have, he seems openminded) in hopes that he will hear me and not look at me like I was a hypocondriac. I have all over pain, mostly in my neck, lower back, osteoartritis in my hands, cracking and popping knees and feet. I wonder if I may be leaning more towards CFS than FM.
    Any input would be SOOO appreciated!!!

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    Your symptoms sound like they are FMS. Before I was on medication for sleep I was also severely fatigued and in dire pain.
    I take Elavil for sleep now and I finally get the restive, non REM sleep my body does not go into naturally. Once I started sleeping soundly the morning pain subsided a bit. I no longer have any fatigue and the brain fog lifted some.
    I still have FMS pain but I am better able to cope with it now that I sleep.
    Take a list of symptoms to your new doc. Sit and write them all down along with your questions. Many docs try to usher you out of the opffice so quickly you can forget to get answers you need.
    Also write down any and all medications you have tried to relieve your pain. OTC or RX. Write down youe lifestyle choices for the doctor also. ie, are you exersizing, taking vitamins, working away from home as well as in the home, sleeping habits, things like that.
    I believe you will be taken more seriously when you come to the appointment prepared. It will also save you and your doctor time. The doc will know what you have tried to relieve your symptoms before seeking medical help.
    So many docs are leary of rxing pain meds so the more "put together" your history is the better.
    I sincerely hope this new doctor can offer you more help than the last one did. Please let us know how it went.
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    Please fill in your profile so we all can learn more about you.

    Is Lyme Disease a possiblilty? Ask for the Western Blot
  4. lenasvn

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    You are all so sweet, so much good info and help! I will fill out my profile as soon as I can, the children are hungry and cranky and I am TIRED!!!! LOL!

  5. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I added my profile.

  6. jaltair

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    You sound like me when my three children were small - I swear that I napped on the sofa while they played most of the day. I learned to nap with an eye open. All I did was sleep. Also had so much muscle pain, IBS, and other symptoms so familiar to everyone. That was a while back as I'm 58 yrs old now. Back then, there were no diagnoses like FMS or CFS. I felt guilty, inadequate as a mother, etc. etc. Looking back now, I wonder how I made it at all as there was absolutely nothing anyone could do! Talk about frustration. I really feel for you and others with small kids and FMS/CFS.

    Do you take Oxy-C? I went to the website that you mentioned in your profile. I've tried some supplements with the oxy in it. I do feel better, but it can irritate my IBS.

    Take care and let us know how your visit goes!

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    Nature, you're a Cappie (Capricorn) too!! I must say you're profile is much more elaborate and impressive than mine, but I on the other hand just wanted to swing in some basics for now! I am glad to meet ya all! Oh, guess what (Nightmare!). I moved to a place without a tub! I miss it so much!! I have seriously considered getting a kiddie-pool and put it on my kitchen floor!! I am a bath-oholic by nature. I had to take the place I live in now in a rush since the place I was supposed to move into was not evacuated by current tenant (refused to move!) so I had to take any place to get a roof over our heads, Bummer.

    Jeanette, thanks for your words, I have felt this way without knowing what was wrong, I too have felt guilty and wondered to myself if it was just me, or even if I was just lazy. Yes it is hard to have the children by myself, especially since I have my familymembers back home in Sweden, it makes me feel SOOO lonely sometimes!! But, cheer up, it is all good. For me it is important to get a diagnose next, I need someone to tell me all of this is real, I think I will start to cry if this doc does,,, It is a heavy weight to carry by yourself. I can then focus on my own health and say "no" without feeling guilty!
    I really have to go,

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    You say that those in your family have headaches and similar symptoms. The headaches you describe remind me of pituitary headaches. They are different that migraines, aren't they?

    Could you go over this questionnaire?

    I'm trying to help people understand 'the pattern' of 2-butoxyethanol harm. It is a very common chemical exposure in our country since 1930s & it is not blamed for anything except in the research info. It doesn't seem to be recognized by people harmed by it nor by their physicians.

    If you have been harmed by it, you have the proof of its harm. They fatigue would be autoimmun hemolytic anemia that gives the right RBC counts, but the red blood cells are small sized (maybe immature). and there would most likely be blood in urine.
  9. lenasvn

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    My family lives in Sweden, I lived in the States since 1997, I had MIGRAINES since I was 3 (I'm 38 now). We have obviously not been exposed to any 2-butoxyethanol.

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