Need Doctor in CO that will prescribe Oxycontin.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Manwithfibro, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Manwithfibro

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    I am moving and deeply concerned I about my pain medicine. It is the only thing that helps a little. Can someone recommend a doctor in the Boulder/Denver area?

  2. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

  3. Fudge43

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    manwithfibro (good name !) .. sorry .. I can't help .. Canadian .. but I understand your anxiety over this .. hope some one can answer this for you .. or at least advise you on what to do !
    Good luck and "bump" for you
  4. StephieBee

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    Im sorry I cant help you but I did want to mention that you should probably look into a pain clinic seeing as many docs are weird about prescribing any type of narcotics or opiates.

    Also, you should try to find a doctor that was an anethsiologist. They tend to work at pain clinics and prescribe much stronger narcotic/ opiates at higher doses.

    Check your local hospitals to see if they have pain clinics. Many major hospitals have them.

    Hope this helps.
    Take Care,
  5. Lendy5

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    I am not sure about prescribing the pain meds but here are a couple of Doctors in the Boulder area.

    Larry Eckstein, MD
    Medicine, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Homeopathic Medicine
    Boulder, CO

    Dr. Milt Hammerly, MD
    Helios Health Center
    Boulder, CO

    I hope you find a doctor to help take over your meds. I've been where you are and it's not fun. I would recommend calling to a few Doctors and asking before you spend your time and money and explain your situation and what you need.

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  6. Aghllw

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    I love my dr!! I am in Dallas and can't help you with Colorodo. In my experience with meds, I have found pain management drs to understand us a little better.

    Hope that helps and have a great day!

    PS: Finally getting some rain in TEXAS!!! Yippie! BUT, makes me hurt 20+ times more than normal. Not a great pain day for me...

  7. skierchik

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    Hi, I live in your area and also know Dr. Larry Eckstein. He is my current doctor for my car accidents. If he's not on your insurance plan try Dr. William Blanchet, M.D. of Boulder Internal Medicine. He'll be able to help you.

    Most importantly the VERY WELL known Dr. John C. Lowe is here too and he's the expert when it comes to FM, so you should see him at all costs. I don't know if he takes insurance, probably not, but I'm sure he has ways to help you get some back from your insurance carrier. I don't have FM to the extent that I need pain meds, so I haven't been to see him, but have wanted to.

    I can't give out my docs name on this board, but you will get good help with these guys.

  8. justlooking

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    I'm pretty sure Dr Lowe isn't an MD but a Chiropractor so he wouldn't be able to prescribe medications... but that wasn't my main purpose for responding to your post...

    I would suggest to have your current MD find a Dr in Colorado who would RX medications. It would probably be a more effective approach since so many Drs are prone to thinking people are drug seekers first and pain patients second. Your Dr could then discuss your needs with the perspective Dr and make sure they are willing to continue your current medicine regimen.
    This is what my PCP did when looking for a pain Dr for his FM patients a couple of years ago. It worked out well because the pain Dr didn't question/harass me on what I needed and has worked with me and my PCP during the past couple of years. The best thing is I didnt have to start over on medications (starting out with AD or ineffective medications I had already tried in the past which didn't work) he just continued my current medicene and has adjusted it as needed.

    Hopefully your current Dr will be willing to assist you in finding a compassionate Dr who understands FM and pain and your medical needs.

    Best of luck!
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  9. msbsgblue

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    I moved from WA state back to MO and the darn doctor took all my pain meds away. All of them. Now I suffer terribly. It was my daughters doctor and she wanted me to go there. Now I know why, she was afraid I would get addicted, NOT, I have taken then 5 years no withdrawals except the pain, and she went in and told the doctor before I saw her that she wanted me off pain meds. That doctor put in my med records that I was addicted now no one in this state is going to help me.
  10. lalasland

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    I would contact your MO Medical Board..Unless this DR. has been suppervising you for at least 6 months ON any med's..How can he make a proper evaluation &amp; make sure they are safe &amp; GOOD or BAD for you?..I can not imagin ANY Dr. not allowing a second opinion just on your daughter's word alone that u r ADDICTED!!!!.. Something is missing in this picture.. Good luck..Guess u could move 2 another STATE!!!..You have your right's &amp; should not be left hanging like this..Pray your daughter NEVER gets FM!!..Now!! BE PROACTIVE!! GET a second opinion!!...Going off pain med's without properly going thru withdrawal afterbeing on them for 5 yrs. could KILL u!!..So a Med. Dr. just grabbing all your med's a taking them away is another thing I can not seem 2 wrap my head around..Thank God I have a wonderful patient-Dr. relationship with fantastic comunication...That is MORE than 1/2 the battle with Fibro..or any sickness!! Hope your next Primary u THE CARE u need..What ever it may be..